Yeh Leh Beach is one of the beautiful and very charming beaches in Bali, the beach is located in the middle of the border between Tabanan and Jembrana is not as popular as other beautiful beaches in Bali such as Kuta beach, Sanur beach, and beach -the other beach. Beaches with natural rocks do have a unique look that distinguishes Yeh Leh beach with other beaches, usually more identical beach with the beauty of white sand. But this one Bali resort has thousands of millions of natural rocks that make the beach Yeh Leh different from orphanages in general. In addition to having a beach with water that is still very clear, this tourist spot in Bali has a stunning beauty of the stones and manajubkan to the eyes of the visitors. The beach is located along the highway Gilimanuk Denpasar is indeed not too much in the visit by the tourists who visit Bali, in addition to still very virgin beach is also not much known for its existence by the lovers of tourists who visit Bali. With the beach is still very awake for the beauty and naturalness, Yeh Leh beach can also be made as one of the tourist destinations for you who like fishing activities. Indeed, this beach is not widely known and not too popular in the ears of the tourists of Bali, but this beach is perfect to be used as a tourist attraction for you lovers of fishing mania. With the charm of its underwater beauty, you can visit Yeh Leh’s beach while it is receding. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the sunset, with the state of the beach is receding, you are also more likely to get marine animals are a lot of hiding among the rocks located on the shores of Yeh Leh. THE BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY NAN HEAVEN ON THE BEACH OF YEH LEH BEACH Usually the beach is more identical with a very wide white sand stretch along the beach, but not with this one beach. Yeh Leh Beach has another characteristic that distinguishes this beach is different from most beaches in general. With stunning views of beautiful stones along the coast, making the beach Yeh Leh become one of the worthy Bali and must visit when in Bali. In addition to enjoy the clear water on the beach Yeh Leh, you can also play or capture the moment on the rocks of rocks that are on the beach. This beach location right in the middle of the border between Tabanan district with Jembrana. If visiting there you will see one of the icon building monument of each of these districts. Indeed the beach location is not as popular with other beaches in Bali, to get to the beach location you will be faced with a very steep road texture and rocks. With the condition of the beach is still very few visitors of this, do not be surprised if to get to the location of the beach you have to visit various roads and small rivers. But when you arrive at the beach location, you will be served with a stretch of beautiful and very natural beaches with thousands of gorgeous nan stunning rocks along the beach.


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