Tourist Places Yeh Kuning Beach Jembrana Bali
Beaches in the western bali are not as popular as beaches in southern Bali, but the beaches in the western bali also have tourism potential that should be developed and promoted as a tourist destination worth visiting. one of the beaches in Jembrana district is yeh yellow beach. Yeh yellow beach accidentally visited the admin, because the destination admin initially to find sunset at the beach perancak. However, because to go to the village perancak must first go through yeh yellow village. Apparently in the yeh yellow village there is also a beach that can be seen from the main yeh yeh road. So admin a time to visit this beach. Yeh yellow is the name of the village located in Jembrana sub-district, Jembrana District, Bali, Indonesia. This village is located on the southern coast of Jembrana district, so this village has a beach whose name corresponds to the name of the village, namely yeh yellow beach. This black sand beach is very easy to reach by travelers because access to the beach there is a well paved road. Although the beach is very easily accessible but this beach is still quiet from the visit and occasionally seen people who perform rituals on this beach. By the local community this beach is often used to carry out mleasti activities of a series of nyepi celebrations in Bali, it can be seen there is a place to put equipment for melasti activities in addition to yellow temple yeh yellow. This beach has a gently sloping area, so it is perfect for playing ball or running while enjoying the waves. Occasionally seen young people who play trek-trekan with his motorcycle on this beach. Yeh yellow beach address located on Yeh Kuning Street, Yeh Yellow village, Jembrana District, Jembrana District, Bali. If you come from downtown Denpasar will travel about 91 km or with travel time 2 hours 33 minutes by motor vehicle, while from the state city will cover a distance of about 7 km or with travel time about 14 minutes travel by motor vehicle. Here’s how to access yeh yellow beach from state city (jembrana district capital). Here is the starting point admin use city park pecangakan.


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