Yeh Ho waterfall, Jatiluwih, Tabanan


When hearing the name of Bali you have in mind must be a place that has a variety of natural beauty and a spotlight on Indonesian holiday venues and foreign tourists. It is undeniable that Bali is an island that has a million beauty or so-called heaven of the world. This title is indeed worth mentioning because the nature tourism in Bali is very diverse. Some people would only know the tours in Bali that has been visited by many people or tours that become vacation spot every year. But it turns out that there are still some tours in Bali that are not known to many people and may still be very natural because it is rarely touched human hands. What is that tour?
One of the places that belong to new tourism in Bali precisely in Jatiluwih area, Tabanan is Yeh Waterfall tour. Yeh Waterfall is a tourist attraction located in the beautiful rice fields and above 700 meters above sea level and adjacent to Mount Batukaru. Because it is adjacent to the mountain, the atmosphere in this place is very beautiful, cool, calm and makes anyone feel at home for long time here. But unfortunately still not many know the beauty of Yeh Waterfall in Jatiluwih this.

Before entering the waterfall Jatiluwih you will be presented with the atmosphere of cool terraced paddies made or terraced with an area of ​​about 636 hectares. In addition, the irrigation system in the area of ​​Jatiluwih is also unusual, here the irrigation system is using a subak system or community-based irrigation system. The people say that in the subak there is a temple built and devoted to the dwellings of the goddess of prosperity and the goddess of fertility. When you arrive at this place you will be stunned with the beauty of rice terraces Jatiluwih terraces, even because of its beauty this place also become one of the tourist and now a place of choice selfi visitors. Actually this place has been a tourist since the Dutch era of Bali in 1910 until 1942.
This waterfall is known by Yeh waterfall by the people of Tabanan, but some are calling it a hidden waterfall. The name Jatiluwih comes from the word “teak” and “luwih” which has a really beautiful meaning. And in fact the beautiful meaning is not only in the name, because all the places in Jatiluwih are very beautiful and interesting. Around the waterfall Yeh, there is also a water game that can be enjoyed by children and adults. You can play and have fun here comfortably.

To get to Yeh Waterfall you have to travel for 20 minutes and have to go through the path a little winding. If you are still confused by the track you can ask the locals to get an easy route to the location. For those of you who intend to seek new tourism in the area of ​​Bali, Yeh Jatiluwih Waterfall could be your main goal. Please visit and feel its own beauty. Hopefully over time, Yeh Waterfall becomes a new tour that is well maintained and managed so that the existing tourism in the Bali area more and more tetao awake sustainability.


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