Enjoying Bali then will not be far from the natural tourist beaches, a number of beaches are no stranger to the beach of Kuta, Sanur, Tanjung Benoa, Pandawa or Jimbaran. The tourist attraction in Bali is so popular, so those who come to Bali and want to enjoy the coastal natural attractions, then those places must be visited. But for those of you who want a different beach nuance and calm then try Yeh Gangga beach located in Tabanan regency.
Yeh Gangga beach name may be quite foreign to most tourists visiting Bali, but for local people Yeh Gangga is quite popular. This beach is located in the village Sudimara, District and Tabanan regency, Bali. Distance from the city of Tabanan only 11 km, while the object of Tanah Lot tourism about 9 km and the distance from Ngurah Rai airport 31 km. Yeh Gangga beach has not been visited by many tourists, although the place is quite affordable from tourism centers like Kuta, Canggu and Tanah Lot.

Each tourist attraction of course there is something that highlighted or has advantages so that the main attraction for tourists. As well as Yeh Gangga beach in Tabanan, the beaches are calm and peaceful, unlike Kuta beach or Tanjung Benoa which is always crowded with the hustle and bustle of humans. So that Yeh Gangga beach offers a different offer for those of you who miss the quietness and feel of privacy more leverage. This beach became the destination of Melasti ceremony for Hindus and the disposal of cremation ashes at Ngaben ceremony.
Yeh Gangga Beach can make your mind fresh again, drowning all saturation, the stretch of beach looks so attractive even though the sandy black sandy beaches, look beautiful with the shimmering waves from the blue ocean in the natural atmosphere of calm and beautiful surrounding, presenting a more special and able nuances make you feel at home for long. Several rivers flowing down the coast of Yeh Gangga form beautiful curves, plus the scenery of rice fields around the area makes the nature of Yeh Gangga become the champion really.

On the west side looks lined fishing boats, indicating the area is suitable for fishing and fishing. One unique thing that is highlighted by this Yeh Gangga tourist attraction is the view of a temple located on the bould of a large rock, which beneath the temple stands there is a hole through the rock, so the temple is also known as Pura Batu Bolong. Looks so beautiful and unique, especially at dusk, when the sun began to go home keperaduannya, let alone a small light burst that seemed out of the stone hole under the temple, the beautiful sunset.
The charm of sunset at Yeh Gangga beach is indeed quite spectacular blend beautifully with the natural shades of the quiet beach, Pura Batu Bolong, fishing boats and natural scenery of the surrounding rice fields. The beauty of dusk at Yeh Gangga beach can be parallel to the sunset that is served in Tanah Lot attractions, but some other advantages offered here, its calm nature and not so many visitors, make it more special for people lovers of tranquility, in Yeh Gangga you can bathe on the beach because the beach is quite gentle, but if bathing here need to be careful because big waves can come at any time and undersea flow is never known, so it can be dangerous if the bath is too to the middle.


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