World Of Magic Bali

Exciting Vacation Into The World Of Magic Bali
Special promo tickets World of Magic Bali via online, the price seen is the price paid, without the need to pay tax on location. Make your holiday momentum in Bali memorable by watching magic show at this location. Bali is indeed a very impressive tourist destination paradise to many tourists from abroad who stop by the island as the Island of God or The Island Of The God. Starting from the natural scenery to a variety of tourism resortnyanyapun attract many tourists. Of course this is not surprising if many tourist attractions that require visitors to pay some money in order to take care of the sights concerned. Lately, in Bali sprung a tourist place known degan as the World of Magic Bali which incidentally is a new tourist destination that opens from 2017 now. Although only recently opened, World of Magic Bali has gained much attention from both local and foreign tourists due to the beauty and uniqueness it offers in it. In essence, World of Magic Bali is a tourist destination created by menomersatukan those who are very fond of what is known as a magic trick. How come? That as long as you are in this unique tourist location, surely you will be presented with the appearance of a magic performed directly, so it will be very thrilling and exciting unlike you see it through the glass screen. One of the uniqueness that you will get as a visitor from World of Magic Bali is that you will be invited to follow at least 10 places that will provide outstanding appearance of the magic that they do. Some of the different rooms include DIY room, Las Vegas room, dizzy tunnel, show time room, grim reaper room, winter room, play ground, Egyptian room, levitation room and also the history of magic room. The entire room above will give you a special experience for those who visit World of Magic Bali. Uniquely, as long as you are invited to explore every room that exists, surely you will be invited to get to know well the secret behind the magic that is often displayed in the glass screen. For those of you who do not want to miss any interesting moments, it would be much better if as long as you are in World of Magic Bali do selfie in some interesting spots. You can also stylish like a professional magician complete with various accessories and properties, so this will provide a new experience in the tour, especially about the world of magic. As for souvenirs after visiting the World of Magic Bali, you can choose various types of simple magic equipment that you can get at each booth with a price that varies according to each uniqueness. By purchasing a variety of magic products in the World of Magic Bali, you will be better prepared to present a figure like a professional magician on the screen.


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