Waterfall Mayung Putek East Lombok


Who would have thought in addition to the beauty that in suguhkan this waterfall has a remarkable efficacy. Waterfall mayung Putek name, Waterfall located in the village of Sajang, Sembalun East Lombok is always crowded in visits by tourists. How come?? Mayung putek waterfall has a privilege in the appeal of other waterfalls is the only waterfall containing sulfur. Although containing sulfur waterfall is still cold! Kerenkan ??, for the traveler who has problems with skin like allergies and itching waterfall is believed to be able to heal.

Waterfall with a height of about 60 meters offers a tremendous charm, spilled water from a towering cliff of white in the added cliffs and rocks around the whiteness adds to the beauty of the waterfall. The flow of Mayung Putek waterfall comes from the outflow of Sagara Anak lake located at the peak of Mount Rinjani, No wonder this waterfall contains very high sulfur and make water and cliffs are white.
Mayung putek itself from sasak language which means white deer, It is said that around this waterfall is often encountered white deer who was bathing or just drinking. If the traveler will prove the legend at Mayung Putek Waterfall the traveler can go through route Lombok Timur – Mataram – Narmada – Matang – Kopang – Terara – Sikur – Aikmel – Suwela – Sapit – Lemo – Sembalun – Bumbung – Sembalun Lawang Bira. Or from the North Lobok through the Mataram – Pusuk – or along the coastal road of Senggigi – Pamenang – Tanjung – Godang – Selengan – Batu Gemblung – Desa Senaru – Dasan Grisak – Sambek Elen Village – Bira.

To be able to enjoy the charm and feel the benefits of Waterfall Mayung Putek traveler must do trekking about 30 minutes by passing the path and down the stairs as much as 244 pieces in the form of a circle following the waistline contours tebibf Puteq kokoq river, through the stunning hills and cross the river until ahirnya travelkler can treat Putu Waterfall from Putja from a distance.



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