Waterfall Goa Rang Reng Gianyar

Waterfall Goa Rang Reng Gianyar. This place is located in Gianyar is famous for as a highland area with a cool atmosphere. The existence of this place is still fairly new, but already quite well known by nature lovers. Waterfall Goa Rang Reng Gianyar is not as popular as other waterfalls, but the beauty is very stunning. The uniqueness of this waterfall does not flow down like waterfall in general. The flow of water here is spread through rock steps so it is more gentle and not steep. Goa Rang Reng Gianyar Waterfall 4 »Goa Rang Reng Gianyar Waterfall, Bali’s Latest Beautiful Nature Tour. Its beauty is cool Anyone The crystal clear because of the source of the mountains make the water very refreshing if made bath or play water. The rocks exposed to the flow of water overgrown with green moss. The combination of black color of stone, green moss and water flow make the panorama unique and natural. Named with Rang Reng Waterfall Goa because at the top of the waterfall which is a river upstream there is a cave called Goa Rang Reng. To go to the cave, visitors can take care of dry stones to the left of the waterfall. Rang Reng cave is translucent to the rear forming a hole that can be penetrated by sunlight. Goa Rang Reng Gianyar Waterfall 3 »Goa Rang Reng Gianyar Waterfall, Bali’s Newest Beautiful Nature Tour, read also: Juwuk Sweet Waterfall Jembrana, Stunning Mini Waterfall
Upstream river here is usually used by people to do Melukat (cleanse themselves of negative things), so the location is very sacred by the Hindus. Because the location is a sacred place so that visitors who come must maintain good manners, dress modestly, and maintain the behavior and words. Visitors of women who are menstruating, should not go into Goa Rang Reng because to maintain the sanctity of this location. Waterfall Goa Rang Reng Gianyar 2 1024×1024 »Rang Reng Gianyar Waterfall, Newest Beautiful Nature Tour in Bali Best Time Visiting Rang Reng Waterfall Goa Gianyar, When visiting the location of Goa Rang Reng Gianyar Falls, it should not come when the rainy season . Because it can be ascertained the road through which it will be muddy because it is still the original land and has not cemented neatly. Do not forget to bring the camera because of course the resulting photographs are very beautiful and interesting. Goa Rang Reng Gianyar Waterfall 1 1024×1024 »Rang Reng Gianyar Waterfall, New Beautiful Nature Tour in Bali There are already some facilities that are built although still simple because it is the existence of this new tour is known to the public. There are simple food stalls in place of change as well as vehicle parking location. Although access and facilities have not been adequate, but no doubt the natural beauty and charm of Goa Rang Reng Gianyar Waterfall.
Location Rang Reng Gianyar Waterfall, Located in Banjar Gitgit, Bakbakan Village, Gianyar District, Gianyar Regency, this beautiful waterfall can be reached within about 31 kilometers drive from Denpasar. If the city of Gianyar only within 3 kilometers of travel only. Route Towards Goa Rang Reng Gianyar, Travel can use four-wheeled vehicles or two wheels. After arriving in the parking lot, visitors still have to walk down the path that is still in the form of land. Entrance fee charged 5 thousand rupiah per person. Relatively cheap price to enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty.


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