Mami Stall everyday very crowded visitors. Open around pk.11 noon, and do not run out of brothers.
This simple shop belongs to Pak Putu only serves grilled fish (grilled fish called grilled fish kurisi), grilled shrimp and grilled shell with a combination of vegetable plecing and various sambal
Because being unlucky then do not get the Baked Shrimp and shellfish because it runs out, the other visitors precedence.

The grilled fish can be eaten for 2 or 3 people because the fish is about 600 grams, and no fish of any size. A serving of grilled fish plus rice and plecing Rp.65ribu.
For shrimp bakanya also quite skewed the price is only 50ribu a serving, while the shell bakga we can eat only for 35ribu a portion.
Be we to eat grilled Fish Kurisi that size is big enough. Certainly not complete to eat grilled fish without sauce, in this Warung Mami we will be served 3 types of sambal, sambal matah typical Balinese red and chili paste, plus chili sauce, fried typical garlic Mami and pickle stalls.

Well this fried garlic that I have never found in any seafood stall. Really typical mammy stall.
For the drink itself is not available a wide range, only drinks in the fridge and warm tea.
Indeed, this mammoth stall is far from the frenetic stalls of a kind located near the beach that is very turistik. but if the taste, quality, delicious it feels to have more value with a friendly price and of course there is the uniqueness that I feel when dining at this shop.


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