Wana Ayu Waterfall

This waterfall is located in the village of Padang Bulia Sukasada District. Location of this waterfall not far from the settlement, so easy to reach visitors. Dozens of stairs that adorn the road to Waterfall with the green pepononan make the atmosphere very natural. The sound of water falling between the rocks is very clear from the parking lot. The roar of a waterfall that has a height of about 35 meters and the depth of the pool is only as high as the waist of adults that has a beautiful charm and natural sngat. Visitors who come will surely be tempted to bathe in Wana Ayu Waterfall pond because the water is clear, fresh and comes from mura waterfall Gitgit. Wana Ayu Waterfall is still managed by the Wayan Sudami family who live not far from the water location tejun it.Wayan Sudami said, initially the location of the waterfall was not terawatt at all, until finally he got wangsit to build a house near the waterfall location. Together with the children and his wife he began clearing the way to the waterfall. Little by little he with the family to make stairs to facilitate visitors to reach the location of the waterfall.Between conscious or not, Wayan Sudami feels there is an inner bond to the land that he occupies at this time. He used to live in wangkaya Bangkiang Sdem. After getting wangsit then he sincerely take care of Wana Ayu waterfall location at this time.Waterfalls that have the potential for tourism is still not managed optimally. Wayan Sudami claimed not to charge for visitors yng enjoy the waterfall. It’s just that during this visitors who come to provide voluntary fees. But visitors must be physically and mentally ready to reach the waterfall location, because the terrain is quite steep and slippery during the rainy season despite the ladder has been built.


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