Virgin Beach Perasi Karangasem


Coastal attractions on the island of Bali, not only on Kuta beach or Sanur beach. The island of Bali also has many beautiful beaches for your vacation spot. Then, are you currently looking for the best white sand beaches in Bali, with the criteria of hidden beach locations, white sand and not crowded visitors? If yes, on this page I write about one of the beach resorts in Bali hidden, deserted visitors and has a clean white sand beach. Name of the beach, Virgin Beach Perasi Karangasem. The island of Bali is very wide and is surrounded by oceans. Because of this the island of Bali has many beaches, either white sand beaches or beaches with black sand. Black sand beaches are not much in demand by tourists as it is very hot during the day. White sand beach that we will tell here is the beach that is located close to the tourist area of ​​Candidasa. In addition, local people call it by the name of Perasi Bali beach. While foreign tourists more familiar with this beach with the name White Sand Beach Bali or better known as Virgin Beach Karangasem Bali. Because the beach Perasi Bali is still beautiful, quiet, quiet and clean, then foreign tourists call it by the name of Virgin Beach Bali.

Beach Perasi Bali has many names, but actually only one beach. If you ask local people when looking for this beach, you should mention the beach in the village of Perasi Karangasem. Because many local people do not know this beach has many designations from tourists like Virgin beach Bali or White Sand Beach Bali.
To reach the beach location Perasi Bali, you only need to drive for 20 minutes from tourist attractions Candidasa. His complete address is White Sand Beach, Karangasem 80851, Indonesia.
For now, there are still few Indonesian tourists who want to visit Virgin beach beach. Because the location is very far from the famous tourist spot in Bali. In addition, it is not easy to reach the beach location of Virgin beach because of the hidden beach location. For example, if you depart from the tourist attractions of Kuta, then you need 2 hours to reach the beach location. But for those of you who want a holiday to a quiet beach resort, away from the crowd, clean and no pollution, then the beach Perasi Bali you must visit during the holidays in Bali, although the distance is rather far.

For tourists who first come to this beach, it will be very difficult to find the location of Virgin Beach beach. Therefore, if you first visit the beach Perasi Bali, we suggest you to use car rental service with driver in Bali. With the aim that you do not get lost on the road and waste time on the go while searching for Virgin Beach Bali location.
If you need directions to find locations from Virgin Beach Bali beach, please use the map below! Pantai Perasi Bali can be regarded as one of the best beaches in Bali and is very often mentioned in travel guidebooks abroad. Sand on the beach Perasi the color is not really white, more yellow, and slightly mixed with black sand, but known as white sand beach. Small cafes are widely available here, selling food and drinks of course the price is much cheaper than the price of food and beverages in the tourist area of ​​Kuta. Not only beaches and cafes, you can also see traditional boats used by local fishermen.

If you come here when the weather is clear, you will see clear blue sea water and is perfect for swimming or snorkeling activities. While you are swimming in the sea, it is hoped to be careful especially if you are comforting with children. In this place also available sun deck for sunbathing and umbrella, which is located in front of small cafe. If you want to use deck chairs for sunbathing and parasols, you can ask the cafe staff.
To be able to enter the area of ​​the beach area, then every visitor is charged entrance fee. Then how much is the price of Virgin Beach Perasi Karangasem admission? Each beach visitor will be charged entrance fee of Rp 10,000 / person. The admission fee includes parking fees near the beach location.
For now there is no available accommodation facilities on the beach of Virgin Beach Bali. Nearby accommodation facilities are in Candidasa tourist attraction.
If you visit the beach of Virgin beach and come from southern Bali like the tourist attractions of Kuta, you should also visit other tourist attractions located near the beach Virgin Karangasem beach.
Virgin beach beach is in the category of tourist attractions in east Bali. Near the beachfront of Virgin beach Karangasem, there are many interesting exotic sights to visit.


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