Village Bindu

Village Bindu


Developing the management of nature-based tourism and culture in Bali, very appropriately applied in the village of Bindu, the potential owned worthy to make it as a tourist village. The culture of the community is strong, the art tradition is well developed, the nature is beautiful with its rice fields so it is suitable for doing trekking and jogging attractions along the path. Its friendly and homely citizens are ready to welcome you in this Bindu village.
With a backdrop of rural and wide rice fields, feel the fresh air in the morning, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as carbon monoxide. The atmosphere will provide health therapy for our body, especially if you can overnight, release tired some days here. Regular vacation and stay in Kuta or other tourism centers, by visiting Bindu village or maybe staying a few days, you will get a different and unique experience.

The traditional village of Bindu, located in Mekar Bhuawana Village, Kec. Abian Semal, Badung regency, just 30 minutes drive from Denpasar and 15 minutes from Ubud. Visiting here with your family and also with children, you can rent a car in Bali down the beautiful places that are one lane to the destination of your tour.
However, it is better for you to stay in this place, because this village has international standard hotel, so it can feel the sensation more than its natural beauty, see firsthand the activities of the community both when irrigation management called subak, when planting rice in rice fields as well as artistic activities dance and tabuhnya, you can interact directly.
The potential available in Bindu village is an important asset for the development of nature-based tourism and culture. Apart from being a place of recreation, it could also be a means of education, introducing to our children about nature as well as understanding the process of irrigation, sharing fairly in the irrigation system known as Subak.

The island itself has many interesting objects to be used as recreational attractions, such as the attractions of Bali Rriver Tubing in Pakerisan River in Gianyar, can also be developed in this Bindu Village, because here also there is a river with clear water flow.


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