Vihara or Vihara is a holy place of worship for Buddhists. Generally people know the Vihara from the many Buddhist statues built in the shrine.
In Bali, especially in Tabanan district, there is a magnificent temple named Vihara Dharma Giri where there is a Statue of Sleeping Buddha In Bali built so large and magnificent. This temple is located on Jalan Raya Pupuan, Tabanan, Bali. Not many people know this vihara place, because the main purpose of this monastery was built as a place of worship for Buddhists. But for those of you who want to come just to see the monastery is still allowed, as long as you can keep the tranquility because the monastery is a holy place and the place of the Buddhist performing the semedi. Apart from being a place of Buddhist worship, this monastery can also be visited as an alternative tour if you travel to Bali especially in tabanan district. From the side of the highway pupuan can already be seen clearly the big inscription reads “Dharma Giri Temple” which is the entrance of the monastery itself.
Entering the temple is free of charge, you will be greeted by a monastery guard who will give you a little direction when you enter the temple area. Do not use shorts to enter the temple area, and you should wear pants from home. But what if you forget to wear trousers? just calm down, there already provided a cloth (kamen) which will be tied at the waist like a long skirt up to the foot.

In some places in this monastery are also not allowed to wear sandals or shoes. There also has provided a special place to put sandals or shoes that you wear from home.
The atmosphere in this monastery is very cool and peaceful, and very suitable as a place to meditate or clear your mind. For that visitors who come, it is not allowed to make a commotion so that Buddhists who make prayer become uninterrupted.
The budha statue sleeps in Bali ini located on the left side of the main building. This budha statue is very large and magnificent in bright white. In front of this statue there is a large area that is usually used for Buddhist seats. Behind the statue is a vast expanse of forest and still awake naturalness.

Sleeping Buddha Statue In Bali is the main attraction of tourists visiting this monastery. You will be amazed enough to see this enormous and beautiful Buddha statue. Not infrequently the visitors capture the moment in a photo of the camera they have brought. You do not have a camera? prepare from home or use an HP camera. ūüôā
To the left of the main building, there is a beautiful small garden and kept clean. There is also a small hall in which there is a large bell equipped with a hammer bell hammer.
The main building is a room in which there is a golden yellow budha statue. In this room is usually used as a place of worship for Buddhists.


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