Usadha Museum

“The Usadha Museum has been planned for a long time because I love plants and collect more than 200 traditional herbs since the 1990s, I started collecting medicinal plants as raw materials and finally the museum was inaugurated in 2013,” said Usadha Museum’s founder Indrawati Gunarsa , Saturday (2/1). Museum Usadha, said Indrawati, built in the complex of Bali Classic Art Museum Nyoman Gunarsa. The love of crops and the alienation with the tradition of consuming traditional herbal medicine, became the main background of the establishment of the Usadha Museum. “Based on the love of the plants, I have long collected medicinal plants from various regions, our country is rich with medicinal plants, every inch of the soil contains medicine, Indonesia’s richness in spices that make our country contested by occupiers,” he said. The cultivated plants include brotowali, ‘piduh’, the leaves of sembung, the crown of gods, the cat’s whiskers, the white turmeric, the sambiloto, the Dayak mausoleum, the mango temu, ‘suweg’, the turmeric gonseng and hundreds of other medicinal plants. The medicinal plants were planted directly on the ground and allowed to grow naturally. In fact, not only family medicinal plants, rare fruits became a collection that was deliberately planted to green the museum. Seeds of rare fruit plants were deliberately sought from Bogor Botanical Gardens or plants centers in various regions. “Countless now the number of rare fruit crops, the favorite fruits such as the Kepel which is a plant since the time of Majapahit, white juwet, velvet sauce and wani with the main grade sweet quality,” he said.


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