Upside Down World Bali

Do you like taking pictures and want to produce a unique photo? In addition to visiting tourist attractions in Bali, while on holiday to Bali do not forget to visit the place photos of Upside Down World Bali or where the photo is reversed. Maybe some of the readers will be curious, where the photo is what is the place where the photo is reversed? There are several unique photo spots in Bali with 3-dimensional photo concept such as Bali art trick which is located in Seminyak tourist area, and 3D DMZ Bali three-dimensional museum located at Nakula Legian street. But Upside Down World Bali offers a very different photo concept with Bali art trick art or 3D DMZ Bali. Has the reader imagined having a photo with the position of the reader body upside down, seen in the photo as walking in the sky room / room, like taking pictures in the room without any gravity of the earth? The concept of inverted photos such as flying and walking on the roof ceiling, the concept offered by Upside Down World Bali. Interested to try? How Can Ya Make Reverse Photos, How? In the location of the photo, all the rooms have the design upside down. Not only the room, all the contents of the room like beds, pillows, television, cabinets, racks are also made upside down. Not only with the design upside down, the uniqueness of where the photo is also contained in the layout of the room, a blend of colors from the room and interior design with contrasting colors to look beautiful in the photo. To make it easy for readers to understand how to get a reverse photo, which looks like flying and walking on a roof or wall ceiling, please see the photo below! Reverse Photo Session In Bali Looking at the photo above, the reader must now know how. The reverse when shooting is the design of the room and interior layout, not the person. The results of the photo then rotated 90 degrees, so the room design looks normal again, but the person in the photo looks reversed. There may be some readers who are observant and will ask, are all the interiors in the original photo? All the interior is in the original photo, not imitation, even the television screen can be turned on.
Inverted Room Type:
Living room equipped with a fireplace.
Master bed room.
Kids room.
3D Room.
Living room.
Bathroom and toilet.
Balinese concept room with garden.
To get a good photo in the room upside down for the first try, pretty hard. As visitor perspectives change, the initial will require adaptation. To get a good photo with a backdrop of space, requires unusual creations and expressions. But to overcome the expression constraints of visitor photos, so as not to die style. An inverted photo location is provided by a photo guide, which will help visitors focus and direct facial expressions to get beautiful photos. Location Address & Location Map Upside Down World Bali The reverse photo concept is currently only owned by Upside Down World Bali and the only one in Indonesia. This inverted photo spot opens on March 1, 2016, so it’s still included in the latest tourist activity category in Bali. So while on vacation in Bali and want to have a photo with the concept upside down, then do not miss to visit the place of this photo.


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