Umar Maya Waterfall is one of the waterfalls located in the District of Sembaluk, East Lombok regency. This waterfall is located in Dusun Birak Village Bilok Petung Sembalun District, exactly 500 meters to the north of Honey Waterfall that the author has told in the previous article. If you want to visit the location of this waterfall then you go through the same route with the route to Waterfall Honey. For visitors Kampung Media who have not read the article entitled “Waterfall Honey Really Fascinating” then of course you do not know the route to go to the location of Waterfall Umar Maya which will be told in this article. For that there is a good idea to review again about the route perjalana to the location of this waterfall so that the reader is not confused apabili going to visit this natural tourist attractions. Umar Maya Waterfall is located in the village of Birak Village Bilok Petung located about 173 km from the city of Mataram with travel time of about 4 hours. If you come from the city of Mataram then there are two routes you can take to get to this waterfall location, the route is through Lombok Timur and through North Lombok. If you go through North Lombok route then you will go along Jalan Pantai Senggigi – Winner – Tanjung – Gangga – Kayangan – Bayan – Kokok Putik (when arrived at T-junction Putik then you have to take the right direction / path to Sembalun) to get to Dusun Birak Village Bilok Petung.


If you go through the route of East Lombok then you will go through Narmada – Mantang – and so on until you reach Aikmel (take the path straight to Suela / Sembalun) – Suela (up at the Suela intersection, you have to take the left turn toward Sembalun) Dusun Birak Desa Bilok Petung. After arriving at Dusun Birak Desa Bilok Petung you will see a big sign that gives guidance about the existence of Waterfall Honey and Umar Maya Waterfall. At the bottom bener there is also an arrow marked 1,500 meters. Follow the path until it reaches the T-junction towards the location of the construction of hydroelectric power plant. Arriving at the T-junction, you take the right direction (turn right) along the asphalt road to the north until it reaches the parking lot. After arriving at the parking area, park your vehicle, it is guaranteed safe because in the parking lot there are officers who stay keep your vehicle and after returning you just pay the parking fee of Rp. 2000 (motorcycle) and Rp. 5,000 (four wheeled vehicles aka car) to the parking attendant, yach itung-itung as wages from their services secure your vehicle, heheeee. From the car park you have to walk north along the path that is in anatara agricultural land residents. The path that you pass is a path to the watershed where the location of Waterfall Honey and Waterfall Umar Maya is located. To reach the river basin, you have to go through the path about 350 meters with travel time about 10 minutes.

Arriving at the end of the path you will find the river basin and from the end of this path you have to walk northwards. From the end of this path you have to travel through the river basin with a distance of about 200 meters or with travel time of about 8 to 10 minutes. After tracing the river flow to the north then you will find a stretch of rocks that are above the Waterfall Umar Maya. From here, you live down through the steps that have been prepared. After going through this ladder then you arrive at Umar Maya Waterfall is so amazing. Umar Maya Waterfall berketinggian about 6 meters with a spill 2.5 meters depth. In the vicinity of this waterfall spill there is a large lake as a place to bathe the visitors. This lake is about 1.5 acres wide, quite large as a place to swim. For those of you who like to swim then this lake will give satisfaction for you. The waters of this lake range from 05 meters to 2 meters and the bottom of the lake is not muddy because the bottom of the lake (waterfall spill) is composed of river sand and pebbles that are not harmful to every visitor. At the edge of this waterfall spill area there are large stones that can be used as a place to relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery around the area of ​​Umar Maya Waterfall. This waterfall is cool with greenish green color. The color of this water is influenced by the mimic that is contained in water, ie sulfur. Waterfall is not too high also causes visitors comfortable to bathe and swim as much in this place. Bathing in this place can also be a drug because the sulfur content contained in the water can serve as a remedy for various skin and bone diseases. For that, enjoy the natural attractions of Umar Waterfall This amazing Maya.


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