Ubud Tradisional Market

Ubud Traditional Market is one of the complementary Bali diversity as a famous tourist location to foreign countries. Various daily necessities with cheap prices typical markets in other places in Indonesia you can get. The goods offered are fairly high quality but the price is quite affordable so no wonder according to people who had come here dare to claim that Ubud Traditional Market is the best market in Bali. Traditional Market is divided into two regions, where the first is in the west. Western area is better known as Ubud Art Market because this place is a lot of traders who peddle Balinese arts and crafts such as sandals typical of Bali, Balinese clothes, beach sarongs, mats, paintings, sculptures, unique mirrors until the hanger kuncipun here. For those of you who want to shop souvenirs typical of Bali with the best quality and affordable price, it is recommended to shop here only. Traders usually take directly the arts and crafts that he sells from the Balinese craftsmen so that the impact on the price can be negotiable. While the second area is Ubud Traditional Market that sells staple goods such as rice, vegetables fruits, and others. Hours of operation in the market of these basic goods is different from the opening hours Ubud Art Market that is from dawn until noon. Shopping location is worth your visit if you want to get unique souvenirs unique and inexpensive Bali. Here you can bargain as much until the desired item is in accordance with the price that sreg your heart. So, immediately visit this Ubud Market!
Ubud Traditional Market is located at Jalan Raya Ubud, Gianyar, Bali -Indonesia.
Opening hours: 04.00 – 18.00


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