Tukad Melangit Pavilion

This place is better known as ATM stands for Tukad Melangit Pavilion. It is a bamboo platform facing south just above Tukad Melangit. That is why it is called the Tukad Melangit Pavilion. This place was originally just a place to hang out local youths spend time while enjoying the view of Melangit valley. Thanks to social media, the place is spreading virally and is now becoming known even abroad. Simply donate Rp. 5,000 – 10,000 you can get in and berselfie ria on the bridge. If not enough, you can also go down to the bottom of the river and find a rainbow cave. This place is located in Banjar Antugan Jehem Village, about 10 km north of Bangli city. this place is very beautiful, and again its hits, for young people who like the photos of this place recommendation, enggak for young people only, for married couples this place is also very suitable.


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