“Tugu Capil” so often people call it especially the people around the tourist village of parrots

why named tugu capil? The word Tugu means place / building (monument)  where hindus people put Gift dedicated to the god of the ruler of the universe and Word “Capil “comes from the Balinese language which means hat ..

Yes .. The uniqueness of Tugu Capil is located at the top of the building there is a kind of orchid plant that grows thick so resembling the Hat where the tugu is other than the others ..Around Tugu Capil there is a stretch of green rice fields .. Here we often use for cycling area because this path of track through the green rice fields after that through the Giant White Tree located in banjar Bayan, Marga sub-district Babanan Bali then there is waterfall in the village Cau precisely in the Metaum area,




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