Trunyan Village

Trunyan society has a funeral tradition in which the corpse is buried on a boulder that has a basin of 7 pieces.
Adat Terunyan Village regulates the burial procedure for its citizens. In this village there are three graves (sema) devoted to three different types of death. If one Terunyan citizen dies naturally, his body is covered in a white cloth, then disinfected, then placed unburied under a large tree called Taru Menyan, in a location called Sema Wayah. However, if the cause of death is unnatural, such as an accident, suicide, or murder, the body will be placed in a location called Sema Bantas. As for burying babies and small children, or adults who have not yet married, will be placed in Sema Muda (Rumah Miarta Yasa)
The explanation of why the corpse placed neatly in the sema (grave) did not cause a smell but naturally, but the decomposition of the corpses, caused by the tree Taru Menyan, which can produce a fragrant smell and able to neutralize the stench of corpses. Taru means tree, while Mengan means fragrant. This Taru Menyan tree, only grows in this area. Be Tarumenyan then better known as Terunyan which is believed to be the origin of the name of the village.


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