Tree Of Love Dead Nusa Penida

Tree of Love Dead Nusa Penida is one tourist attraction untik that makes a dead tree as a tourist attraction. The Dead Tree of Nusa Penida is also often referred to as love wood dies because of its appearance in the form of a tree or dead wood without leaves but still firmly standing between other green pepohanan. The object of love dead wood tourism is quite easy to reach because the location of the object is quite close to the pinky beach. If you are on the way to Kelingking beach precisely in pakiran before heading to Kelingking beach, you will find the location of Cinta Mati Nusa Penida. This tree is much sought after visitors who come to Nusa Penida to climb and immortalize the photo because it produces unique and different photos with stunning natural scenery. To go up and take pictures above the pohot we have prepared the manual steps to ease up on the tree. Tree of Love Dead Nusa Penida though looks fragile but the tree can sustain you who want to climb onto it to feel the different sensation of seeing the view from the top of the tree while taking pictures ria in Kayu Cinta Mati this. One of the objects that become tourist destinations come to Nusa Penida and add uniqueness to nature tourism at Kelingking Beach Karang Dawa. Especially nusa Penida Sea visible clear from the top of the tree with the view of the hill that hollow or often called Bukit Banah in the middle of the sea to add the privileges of the Dead Tree of Nusa Penida. When visiting the Kayu Cinta Mati you do not have to worry if you can not climb your own tree because there are usually stairs that are rented out around you can use to climb up the Dead Tree Tree. If you are on holiday to Nusa Penida, do not forget to visit Kayu Cinta Mati Pantai Kelingking and spend time taking pictures with your best poses with your spouse, family, and relatives. The location adjacent to the Hill of the little finger then access to the wooden love mani nusa penida will be easier. You can rent a motorbike from the harbor to the Nusa Penida Dead Sea Tree or the pinkie beach and other objects. If you feel better to use a more convenient transportation, you can use our Cheap Car Rental service at a very affordable price starting from Rp.600.000 / Private Car + Driver + BBM / Halfday or more please visit Cheap Car Rental Nusa Penida Bhatara , not allowed to piss standing around the temple area and should not sing janger gending.


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