Tradisional Market Badung

Pasar Badung, is the largest traditional market in Bali, located in downtown Denpasar, at Jalan Gajah Mada. this place is very complete to sell various means of daily necessities and a variety of other clothing materials. Here there is a river called the river / tukad badung, the flow is like splitting or a barrier between the market of Badung and Kumbasari art market, although only a market, but this area is quite interesting market badung into a shopping center that can be said open almost 24 hours, there selling tools and materials of upakara, groceries, palenes, markets other than inside the building are also available in the parking area in the form of a tent shop, but after the fire bln February the market location was moved to Cokroaminoto street while waiting for renovation although the market area is still around selling at the edge of ajalan or parking area to visit, let alone shopping shop hobbyist. then if a visit to Bali must stop by to shop for small meals such as wet cakes or other traditional pastries.


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