Toya Pakeh Beach

Nusa Penida Island becomes one of the outermost islands of the province of Bali, for access to the island is the only one with sea travel or air transport by helicopter, of course sea travel is the main choice, from the jetty Sanur by speed boat ride or fast boat intermittent 1 hour trip, or now there is a new dock from the beach Pesungkahan Klungkung with fast boat Caspla is closer to the island of Nusa Penida. The first place you might find is when set foot in the mainland of Nusa Penida is Toya Pakeh beach, other than as a tourist attraction in Nusa Penida as well as a speed boat dock, boat boat and small boats. Toya Pakeh beach tourist attraction, most frequented by tourists or residents outside the island, because a number of fast boat fleet or speed boat docked in this dock, in this area you can easily find transportation services such as motorbike rental or car rental, whether for purposes tour around the island or do activities of praying or Tirta Yatra, they already have the packages offered, such as tour packages visit the tourist attraction to be visited or temple for the purpose of praying which of course is located one lane or direction. Toya Pakeh Beach also serves as a transit port where a number of fast boat docks and canoe boats only, but the sea water is clear and the underwater beauty of coral reefs and fish residents of this area is diverse, so the waters of Toya Pakeh is indeed ideal for marine tourism such as diving and also snorkeling. The beach with golden white sand is ideal also to relax while enjoying the natural scenery of the sea. Many beautiful places are owned by the Bali area, so it becomes a complement to the list of attractions in Bali. Although located on the other side of the island, access to the location is quite easy, especially after enjoying the beauty of Toya Pakeh series of tourist attractions you can visit from here like Crystal Bay, Pasih Uug, Andus Beach, Kelingking Beach and Atuh also located on the east side of the island. Coastal attractions Toya Pakeh offers a number of natural beauty underwater, even for beginner diver with a depth of 6 meters has been able to find a number of interesting coral reef formation, whether soft or hard, because the water is clear visibility level is quite high, a number of fish are usually found by divers are sweetlips, riggerfish, fusiliers, trevally, jack fish, banner fish, scorpionfish, porcupine, moray eels, puffers, trumpetfish, rays, including turtles, even if you are lucky to see the presence of mola-mola which is a prima here. Certainly in certain depths you can see more varied habitats. Toya Pakeh waters are flooded with currents coming from the Nusa Ceningan channel, so they carry colorful fish, also carrying nutrients to form beautiful coral reefs. To do diving tours in this area of ​​course you must be accompanied by a guide or a local instructor, because the current can sometimes change, so that the guide can direct the best spot where the current is hard or find a safe place to stop, with a depth of 10 to 30 meters below the surface sea ​​then divers can more leverage enjoy the beauty under the sea Toya Pakeh, professional divers more advised. If you do not go diving, you can still do snorkeling activities, because the water is clear then you can still see the underwater beauty. Fish Mola-mola become one of the primadona fish in this region can reach 2 meters in length, the presence of fish is usually easier found in July and August. Vacation in Toya Pakeh is fun, in addition to the underwater natural beauty, natural scenery is very charming beaches. The area also has a number of complete tourism supporters, such as a number of lodging and tourist facilities. Doing diving activities is a favorite thing, but remember not to damage the surrounding environment, such as unnecessary doodles ever done by foreign tourists in the region. In Toya Pakeh waters area is also used as a local cruise destination that is Quicksilver Cruise which departs from Tanjung Benoa Marina Bay every day. Quicksilver Cruise has a floating dock (pontoon) which is destined to do watersport activities such as waterslide, banana boat, snorkeling and semi submarine boat. Furthermore, local cruise ship participants to conduct village tour in Toya Pakeh village such as watching the activities of seaweed farmers and to turtle breeding. How to visit this place is the easiest of mainland Bali, because after a speed boat ride or fast boat from Sanur, Padang Bai or Pesinggahan, you no longer need land transportation, because the ship will dock at this dock, unless the speed boat is anchored in the other dock. From this area you can continue the next walk with more ease. For advice only, if your visit time is short, take the route towards West towards pasih Uug because many tourist attractions close from the place. If there is still time your next tour agenda can go to Atuh beach located on the East side. Bali Tours Club keeps updating the beautiful places on the island of Bali, all of which are summarized in the list of tourist attractions in Bali, if you need other tourist services we provide various types of transportation and car rental for Bali mainland, as well as rafting activities, Odyssey Submarine. Quicksilver Cruise and fast boat tickets or speedboats.


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