Tomb Of Jayaprana

Tomb of Jayaprana
For the Hindu community, the tomb of Jayaprana is no stranger, because this place as one of the historical attractions in Bali with a romance story that ended tragically Nyoman Jayaprana couple and Ni Layonsari. This legendary romantic story is like the story of Romeo – Juliet in Europe and Sampek – Engthai in China. Many Hindus come here to make pilgrimages, even not infrequently seen tourists come to know more closely about the existence of the tomb. This Jayaprana tomb made a temple, located on the hill, presenting the sea view of the Gulf of Accept, the breeze that blows between the tropical trees to make the body feel fresh, after walking hundreds of meters from the highway. The crowds come with the purpose of praying during the full moon, tilem (the dead moon) as well as other big days such as Galungan and Kuningan day. Also a tour destination with beautiful panoramic views. The location of the grave or the grave of Jayaprana is in the forest area of ​​Teluk Terima, Sumber Klampok Village, Kec. Gerokgak, Kab. Buleleng about 67 km west of Singaraja City. Want to visit here we are ready to serve rent in Bali, invite you tour for pilgrimage. It is said the couple in Kalianget village has 2 boys and one girl, because of the plague of the disease happened to the village, the four family died, and only 1 youngest boy named I Nyoman Jayaprana is left. Being an orphan, little Jayaprana dared to come and serve the palace. He was so diligent that the king of Kalianget loved him so much. Nyoman Jayaprana grew up, in his new age 12 years, has seen his beautiful look and sweet smile. One day the king decided that Jayaprana choose one of the ladies or girls outside the palace to serve as a life companion. Although he has no intention to seek a wife because it is still a child, but he did not refuse. In the end Jayaprana found the mooring of his heart a beautiful girl named Ni Layon Sari daughter of Jero Bendesa dar Banjar Sekar. Receiving a report from Jayaprana, the king wrote a letter to Jero Bendesa, and Bendesa agreed. Selected day Selas Legi Kuningan dilangsukan ceremony their pernikahaan. When they met the king, they worshiped the King of King, the king was silent and enchanted at the beauty of Ni Layonsari. After the pickle of their marriage is over and the two lovebirds return home. The king gathered all his abuses to ask for consideration to separate the couple so Nilayonsari could be his wife, said if not, then the king could die because of affliction. So after various suggestions and considerations, then the king issued a decree that Jayaprana go to Celuk Accept to investigate the boat destroyed by pirates. Through the king’s decree, although only 7 days of honeymoon, Jayaprana can not refuse, although not approved by his wife, because he loves her husband, especially there is a bad tragedy present in the dream of his wife. Finally his wife can only surrender and pray for her husband survived menuanikan task of the king. On the way with the entourage Jayaprana often gets a bad trick and knows that he will be destroyed. Upon arriving at the Bay of Accept forest, Saunggaling handed him a letter, whose contents he must be killed and his wife belonged to the king. Reading the letter Jayaprana burst into tears while begging, but she realized that this was the king’s command she could not refuse, let alone feel nurtured and reared by the king, pouring tears inviting I Saunggaling to kill her. Sadly I Saunggaling stabbed the dagger, blood sprayed with fragrant aroma of smell, and strange features in angjasa and buni, like hurricanes and earthquakes. After the bodies of Jayaprana buried and believed the tomb can be found until now in the forest Celuk Terima. The entourage returned home with sadness, traveling a lot of entourage who died from being bitten by snakes and pounced tiger. The news of Jayaprana’s death, to the point of his wife Ni Layonsari, how sad and devastated his feelings. Unable to stand it anymore and felt it was useless to live in a world without a beloved husband, Layonsari finally wielded a dagger, knocked it over, he died to follow her husband to the afterlife. Knowing Layonsari died. Feeling left behind that beloved Layonsari, the king felt sad and eventually committed suicide as well. With the legendary kisa and evidence of eating in the middle of the forest of Teluk Terima, then this place becomes a pilgrimage site for Hindus.


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