The existence of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, making the island nicknamed “A Thousand Mosque” is much in the grace of the natural beauty of a very beautiful waterfall. Call it among the already popular among tourists is Sendang Gila waterfall, Tiu Kelep, Tiu Pupus, and Kerta Gangga in North Lombok regency, then waterfalls Benang Stokel, and Yarn Netting in Central Lombok District, and waterfall Otak Kokok, Air Sweet Orange in East Lombok Regency. Actually, there are many more waterfalls on the slopes of Mount Rinjani with 3726 meters altitude from sea level, which stretches from the tip of North Lombok regency, to the end of East Lombok regency. However, the limited access road to the location, and the lack of public facilities, or accommodation, making the various waterfalls are very beautiful that is empty of visitors.

One of which is now being developed as a new tourist destination is the waterfall Kembar Tiu Teja in Santong Village, District Kayangan, District of North Lombok. Waterfall with a height of about 40 meters hidden in the pristine forest of Mount Rinjani is still natural and beautiful, according to the tourists who have visited, the panorama of beauty even beat other waterfalls that have developed as a tourist destination first. If another waterfall, the water that slid down is usually single (one), or wide if the source of the water flowing swiftly. So the waterfall Tiu Teja has two waterfalls that glide side by side. Beautiful again, when it gets the sun, at times will appear rainbow rays between the bias water droplets that glide. “As a result of frequent rainbow rays in the waterfall, the local community finally gave the name Tie Teja Waterfall”. “Tiu” in Sasak Lombok means Rainbow. From Mataram City, Tiu Teja waterfall is about 60Km, or about 2 hours drive by motor vehicle.

Since the path to the waterfall location from the main road of the village still passes through the gardens and dense forest as far as 2 KM, our suggestion to visitors to use motorcycle vehicle only. Can use the car, but can only reach the gate on the outskirts of the village road. To go to the next location can hire the services of motorcycle taxi drivers. But for those who like adventure / hike, walking to the location of the waterfall is also full of amazing experiences. Routes are presented will cross community coffee plantations, to further enter the tropical forest on the slopes of Mount Rinjani is still dense and natural. Resident friendly greetings will often be heard when passing, as well as the melodious voice of birds, coyotes, or gray monkeys, will accompany your journey to the location of the waterfall. Sign if you arrive at the waterfall location, ie the presence of the BKSDA Monitoring Post (Natural Resource Conservation Center), please park the motorcycle in that place, and continue the journey by foot down the path that has now been made up stairs to the location of the waterfall. Tiu Teja Waterfall is not yet seen from the BKSDA Monitoring Post, but the sound of the waterfall is heard and tempt the visitors to get down and enjoy the cool and fresh water of the mountains. Sure enough, until at the location, we were stunned and amazed by the panorama presented. Two white waterfalls look down sliding rapidly, thus forming a pool below about 10 meters wide, with a depth of about 1 meter, making it safe for swimming activities. Not only that, the water bias that descends, and then rises again, will wet the clumps of the plants, the big rocks, and the cliffs of rock around them, so the effects are, the rocks and cliffs are always wet and mossy. When the bias point of the rising water point was hit by sunlight, the experience of enjoying the beauty will be more complete with the presence of colorful rainbow bias. It’s really a beautiful waterfall and exotic. Because Tiu Tejaini Waterfall tourist destination newly opened to the public, then at the location there is no food and drink. So, if you intend to come here, prepare enough food and drinks from home. Because there are still many visitors who come to the location, the tourists feel as if they are enjoying the beauty of nature’s private poanorama.


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