The Sila’s Agrotourism

Enjoy yourself by enjoying the various rides of the game while on vacation in Bali, almost the destination of all tourists, especially with the presence of The Sila’s Agrotourism, could become the next newest tourist destination after all the tourist attraction in Bali you visit, but not necessarily so, you who have outing program the company can make this place as a place of outbound activities are ideal, a wide selection of activities prepared to meet the desires of visitors. This outdoor nature activity is safe and comfortable, being outdoors green with spectacular natural scenery and guided by experienced crew. The Sila’s Agrotourism can provide a variety of tourist alternatives, once you are saturated with the natural shades of the beach, or with the atmosphere of the city noise, the tourist attraction in Bali this could be the next choice, especially if the tour with children, because this place not only as a vehicle recreation only but as a place of education and also there is a training program for human resources either for indoor or outdoor activities. All training programs are tailored to the needs of visitors. The existence of The Sila’s Agrotourism indeed be quite interesting choice for team building activities, as outbound tours in Bali are quite popular. The location is located on this 10 hectare land, providing various comfort and flexibility of activity, the beauty of nature around the beautiful and cool so that visitors feel at home linger here. Away from the crowds and air pollution, cool air presents natural scenery of hills and valleys including the silhouette of Mount Batur and Mount Agung. Activities The Sila’s Agrotourism Location The Sila’s Agrotourism in Banjar Batusesa, Candikuning Village, Kec, Baturiti, Tabanan, adjacent to Beratan Bedugul lake. If your trip from Kuta tourism area or airport, the distance with a motor vehicle about 2 hours. If you want to pack a more interesting tour in Bali, before reaching the main destination, then you can visit the attractions of Taman Ayun in Mengwi, Lake Beratan Bedugul then The Sila’s Agrotourism.
A number of activities that visitors can enjoy in The Sila’s Agrotourism area: The Sila’s Agrotourism offers outbound training utilizing natural excellence with modern methods, designed for outing a company, organization or institution including also from school, this activity is very positive to build mental especially togetherness attitude of the leader in a company.
Camping Ground: Letting go of your tired moments, blending with nature in a peaceful setting, the next activity you can do is to camp with your friends, relatives, and family. Here is provided camping tent of various sizes that can accommodate from 4 people – 40 people, including VIP tents for 6-8 people.
ATV (All Terrain Vehicle): The vehicle vehicle is quite special. adventure in the open, explore the area of ​​The Sila’s Agrotourism, explore the surrounding plantations by following the ATV ride activity, a four-wheeled bicycle so safe and comfortable to drive and guided by the company crew.
High Rope – Flying Fox: The game’s rides can trigger adrenaline, an exciting challenge with high-altitude media. How can you get past the challenge of moving from one point to the next. Then with the flying fox attraction, you seemed to fly while enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding height.
Paintball (War Simulation): Reminds us of the little war games, but this paintball is surely more exciting, you use a gun with a paint bullet, here the participants can train the strategy and also the cohesiveness to build togetherness. Invite your opponent to enjoy this excitement.


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