The Flower Field of Kasna

Padang Bunga Kasna, is located in Temukus Village, Rendang District, Karangasem – Bali. The location is quite difficult if you do not know the direction of the road, it will not be enough just to know the location of the sosmed course, so the benchmark search first way to Pura Besakih, after getting there you have to ask the street, just ask where the direction to Temukus Village, the way, do not be shy to ask yes, because the people there are all very friendly, the option you can apply if you can not find it directly through the usual link map I give at the end of each post, hopefully can help. The village of temukus – Rendang, karangasem – Bali, A Wonderful Edelweiss Garden .. make no mistake, Bali also has a flower that symbolizes this immortality loh, the color is as white as snow, usually the surrounding people call it the Flower Kasna, the beginning of this plant wild life in between peak bebatuan Mount Agung, over time in planting and cultivated by residents in the land around their homes which will be sold for auxiliary materials Hindu prayer facilities. No wonder also this plant thrives in the Village Temukus, it is influenced by climate and cold temperatures, light course because it is located in the highlands and close to Mount Agung. Flower cassava – Edelweissnya Bali The atmosphere in this Temukus Village is really a guys seger, as far as the eye that there is only a hill, and flower gardens, the distance from the city of Denpasar approximately 2 hours. Access road after entering Temukus Village is only enough to pass one car just guys, most cars Pick Up passing here, which usually hauls the harvest of people around.
Temukus flower garden – Bali Tips to take pictures here, you stay away on the Moon and Day that is right before the harvest season arrives. Usually a good day two weeks or a week before Hari Raya Galungan Umm Hindu takes place, usually when it is on day H or after the passage of H day, many gardens that have been harvested, as a result you will not be able to view a good photo, this is the hardest part because the info I can Flower This Kasna only harvest twice a year guys. Well, if you’ve got the right day, now you live nyari partner deh make in invite here, when he got in Temukus Village, then stay around and see what’s nice people’s garden and fit to be spot your photos, usually we only need permission with the owner of the garden first, but remember not to damage it, please always watch your footsteps.


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