Tete Batu is a tourist attraction located in East Lombok, precisely located under the foot of Mount Rinjani. A mountain that is believed by the myth of the queen of jinn named Anjani. Tete Batu can be called as paradise island of Lombok. The elegance of the sun’s face that is always clouded by clouds, beautiful natural scenery and natural charm that makes the view will feel cool and not easy to forget it. Keasrian Tete Batu Lombok east will hold the heart of every visitor who attended. Have you ever been to this place, if not, maybe you can try it for the first time, besides Tete Batu Lombok Timur, actually there are many more stunning natural attractions, and of course not less beautiful with tours abroad, if Indonesia has amazing tourist attractions, why we should always to Singapore, or Europe and etc., should here as Indonesian people we should feel proud, because Indonesia is very rich in tourism, even so called, paradise nature tour.


 The beauty and charm of Tete Batu Lombok Timur Your eye view at Tete Batu will be treated to the charm of rinjani mountains to the north, and stunning sea views to the east. All of them are merged into one in Tete Batu. Tete Batu is a very fantastic retreat located in east lombok this will eliminate your fatigue. Your fatigue will instantly change into a radiant face. Here you can also feel the bath and swim with enjoy. Tour Tete Waterfall Batu Lombok Timur A river at the foot of Mount Rinjani you can enjoy to swim. Indeed, the air here is cold, but the beauty of the charm of Tete Stone will easily remove the cold feeling that sting the skin. If you intend to make a tour in Lombok, enjoy a tourist paradise in Lombok by visiting Tete Batu Lombok east. Feel the beauty of the nuances. But before you travel, do not forget to prepare everything. Have a good vacation and have a nice day there.


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