Tembok Barak Waterfall

Ever heard of Barak Wall waterfall, it sounds quite alien and less popular, but so it is today, many places that used to be unknown suddenly hits and trends, as a new tourist attraction, although the existence of the attraction is long. The rise and widespread use of affordable internet almost to all corners of the island of Bali, making new places emerging and that is not less interesting to present the sensation or nuance is certainly different from other places. Like what you see in this Barak Wall waterfall, will provide a different destination after you are satisfied to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach or temple shrines. Waterfall Wall Barak, located in the village of Sambangan, District Sukasada, Buleleng. Well what is presented in this North Bali tourist area, establishing its position as a provider of natural attractions most waterfalls in Bali, as well as a number of popular waterfalls located in the district of Buleleng, such as Gitgit waterfall, Munduk, Sekumpul, Aling-aling, Yeh Mampeh and many others. Sambangan Village itself is a quite special village, presenting a number of natural attractions waterfalls, including the region which consists of rice fields and some places with a fairly steep slope, so that serve as a destination tour in Bali for trekking, enjoying adventure tours in rural nature and beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery, and the Barak Wall waterfalls are one of the new destinations that will provide a special holiday experience and sensation with friends, family or loved ones. Waterfall distance Barak Wall from the city of Singaraja about 5 km while the distance from Denpasar about 80 km through Bedugul highway. The location of the hidden Barak Wall waterfall, the distance traveled from the vehicle park about 700 meters through the path with views of plantation residents, rice fields and forests. If interpreted, the word barak is Balinese, which means red. Indeed, this Barak Wall waterfall, on the cliff wall flanking the waterfall is like a red wall, so it is not surprising that the name of Wall Barak pinned to the waterfall. The water flow is large enough to flow clear with a height of about 8 meters, so tempting every visitor to feel the fresh water of the mountains. Attraction waterfall Wall Barak, the atmosphere is very calm, comfortable and beautiful, red cliff wall into its own characteristics. Enjoy nature here, you can relax or take a bath to feel the freshness of mountain water. Your little adventure with beautiful scenery treats will be more complete at the end of the journey, greeted by the beauty and uniqueness of the Barak Wall waterfall. Certainly also prepare your camera for selfie photos and make sure status updates on social media wall, as well as promoting waterfall Wall Barak for those who want a new and unique place. The gorgeous cliffs of the Barak Wall waterfall will look prettier during daylight and in bright, reddish brown on the cliff wall will look more clear, blending beautifully with the green color of the moss attached to the other cliff. In addition, the color of the water in the natural pond in the green waterfalls tosca will present an amazing beauty, especially for a photographer with the right angle can produce a spectacular natural picture When you start to run out of places to find new attractions in Bali, the water Barak Wall plunge can be your next destination. Especially in the area of ​​North Bali or Buleleng District is presenting a beauty that will never be boring, in addition to dolphin or dolphins in Lovina, can feel the other adventure with Krisna Adventure and Krisna Funtastic Land a recreation park that is suitable for family tourism.


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