Tembeling Springs

Nusa Penida is located on the island of Gods not only keep the charm of the beauty of the beach only. Indeed, the prima donna in Nusa Penida one of them is Penida beach located in the village of Sakti. Penida beach charm is already known for the beauty of a small island in the middle flanked by two verdant hills. The exoticism of Nusa Penida is now increasing again. Tembeling Springs Nusa Penida Bali is now one of the must-visit destinations to visit this small and beautiful island. The location is in the middle of the forest is still awake. No doubt, it takes you about 60 minutes to walk to the center of the springs, also known as Tembeling springs by local people. The location of this Tembeling springs is located in Batu Madeg Village, Banjar Salak, Nusa Penida, Bali. Residents also call it as natural swimming Tembeling. Travel by trekking from the parking lot to Temeling spring will give you a new experience for you who rarely travel. Tembeling springs are located not far from the sea. No wonder if the landscape is similar to the atmosphere on the beach Penida Bali. The diameter of the Tembeling springs pool is estimated to be between five and six meters. Its location which is in the middle of the forest among the high cliffs make this Tembeling springs very exotic. Not far from Tembeling pond there is a place to refresh the throat. The water is clean and clear. Even can be drunk directly. It was definitely refreshing. According to locals, it is said that the spring was found by the mother who was pregnant. This pregnant woman finds the location of the spring by accident. At that time, the pregnant mother was chasing the cow that ran into the forest. Unexpectedly it turns out this pregnant woman finds a source of clear water nan natural. Formerly, this spring was once used as a source of water for residents. However, it has now changed the function of being a hidden tourist spot in Nusa Penida Bali. Since the discovery of springs by pregnant women (shard) that, this spring is now called the spring Tembeling or Tembeling. For the community of Nusa Penida Bali, this location is not just the location of an ordinary spring. But also often used as a place of ritual and ceremony keagaamaan. It is not easy to reach the location of this Tembeling springs. The road terrain is steep, slippery and steep. One thing that should not be violated is a large pool should only be used to swim by men only. While a small pond that is located close to the beach can be used to play water by women. The beach adjacent to the springs of Tembeling has a beautiful character. Clean white sand dyed with small, brownish white rocks. Interestingly it turns out there is a cave that connects between the beach Tembeling with the other northern coast that there are rocks of larger size. Tembeling Springs is indeed a nature reserve that is consciously preserved. In addition to serving as a place of ritual and taking holy water for religious rituals, Tembeling springs are also a source of drinking water for animals such as monkeys and Starling Bali birds.


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