TELUK EKAS – East Lombok


As the name suggests, Paradise Beach is like a piece of heaven that is stranded on the earth of Indonesia. This Lombok beach tour holds a thousand charms that will make you feel strange, feeling that you are not like being on earth. Located at the end of the bay, Paradise Beach Lombok relatively remote location. But its charm beyond the beaches on the island of Lombok. This beach is flanked by two high cliffs, while the main beach is located right in the middle of the two cliffs. Paradise Beach stretches no more than 600 meters. It looks like a U, with a whole beach covered by white sand. Pasir Putih Surga BeachDi Surga Beach You can do various activities. Starting from just lying down while reading and enjoying a young coconut, strolling around the beach enjoying the scenery and romantic atmosphere, swimming or snorkeling, surfing and fishing.

Even for those of you who like extreme sports, you can climb the cliffs to the right of this beach while enjoying stunning scenery, or explore the area around the beach. Arriving at the end or at the top of the cliff, you can rest in a berugak (gazebo) and enjoy the view from a height. Not only that, for you who have a hobby of surfing, various types of waves will await you. Starting from regular waves to high waves nan challenging. To get the waves are “pretty” nan challenging, you can visit in June to October. Not only domestic visitors, foreign visitors also come to this beach. Although the number is not as much as in Senggigi Beach or Kuta Beach Lombok. Paradise Beach Lombok is located about 72 Kilometers from Mataram City. You can reach this beach by private vehicle, with a long journey of about 1.5 hours. Only, you can not use public kemdaraan because it is not available the means. The Road to Paradise Beach Lombok From the City of Mataram you can take the Mataram-Cakranegara-Praya-Perl-Sepapan-Jerowaru-Jor-Extension-Ekas-Pantai Heaven route.

The road through that route is largely conditioned. Only on the last 5 Kilometers, you will go through a path that is less good condition. This road will be more difficult to pass in the rainy season. Conversely, this road will be much dusty in the dry season. So there is the expression “Paradise Beach hell road”. But do not worry, because “Heaven” has been waiting for you at the end of the journey. You can also stop by at Sungkan Beach, Kaliantan Beach and Ekas Bay which is still on one route. Due to the beautiful scenery and scenery of Lombok’s Paradise Beach is amazing, not much can be described by words. So it is highly recommended that you visit this Heavenly Beach, and witness a thousand charms with your own eyes. Welcome to Amazing Surga Beach. Also mentioned: beach lombok paradise, beach paradise in east lombok, pante heaven in lombok, foto beach paradise in lombok, beach sand white sand.


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