Telaga Waja

In Bali not only have beach and temple tour only.. many other tours in Bali are quite unique and interesting to visit with your friends or family. One of them is the natural attractions of Arung Jeram.. in Bali there are two rafting tours, namely the rafting tour on the river Telaga Waja and the river swing. He said,,which has the most winning barrier between them is river rafting lake waja .. It is evident from the many rocks that exist in the lake waja lake that will greatly spur your adrenaline when wading and conquering this river River River Rafting rafting is famous to the If you choose to try white water rafting here so often you will see foreign tourists who want to come to feel the thrill of wading river waja.. but not only turin overseas, of course, many domestic tourists are curious about this rafting .. River rafting river waja river not only presents a variety of obstacles in the clear river, but also presenting the beauty of nature is very amazing .. This river is covered by various types of shady green trees that will add to your coolness in conquering rivers lake waja .. Di northern part ,, you can also see clearly meg ahnya majestic mountain which is the biggest mountain in Bali.


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