Tanjung Bongo

Not inferior to Bali, Lombok also has a myriad of beautiful beaches that dazzle. One of the most beautiful yet unpopular is Tanjung Bongo Beach which is adjacent to Kuta Beach Lombok. Maybe the name of this beach is still a little strange in the ears of friends. Yes, that’s because this beach is a new destination that is still rarely known. If the term is ABG child, this beach is included in the category ‘the next booming beach in Lombok.’ This beach is located behind Bukit Merese, the hill of a million people who are still located in the area of ​​Kuta Lombok. To reach this beach, friends must first soft-trekking past Bukit Merese. Hill is not too steep and high and the track is relatively easy. Even if friends have a dirt bike or a 4WD car, the vehicle of your friends can be brought to the top of Mount Merese. After reaching the top of the hill to the right, friends stayed down the cliff to reach this Tanjung Bongo Beach. Condition of the cliff is quite steep, so friends must be extra careful. Once down the cliff, then the traveler arrived at Tanjung Bongo Beach. The beach is still quiet, clean, the sand is fine white, the water is clear and clean and also comfortable. On the edge of the beach there is a pool that is very fun used for bathing or swimming. The situation and atmosphere on the beach is very calming because it is far from the noise, so friends can relax ria here without any disturbing. While at this beach, the eyes of friends will be really pampered with a very fascinating scenery. In addition to bathing, swimming or sunbathing, friends can also hunting photos here with a super awesome view. Or friends can relax ria while enjoying your favorite food and drink, maybe with your partner. It will be very, very wow! This beach location is not too far from the city of Mataram. The distance is about 60-65 km with a distance of about 1.5 hours or about 30 minutes from Lombok International Airport. Entrance ticket of this tourist area is also cheap, just 5 thousand rupiah for motorcycle and 10 thousand rupiah for car. If lazy friends bring food or drink from home, friends need not worry. At the foot of Mount Merese there is a cafe with a quite cozy atmosphere.


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