Tanjung Bloam Beach

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that’s that? Let’s trace the foot in the southern part of the island of Lombok and get some spots of natural beauty is forgotten here. One of the rows of untouched coastlines is the beach of Tanjung Bloam, an exotic beach still adjacent to Kaliantan Beach Tanjung Bloam is more known as a turtle conservation area with its habitat along the coastline extending from the southern tip to the north . In addition to turtles, Tanjung Bloam Beach has a natural beauty that is so natural and almost forgotten by the tourists. Once arrived at this beach, you will be served with a stretch of white sand that is so soft and clear blue sea water. Panorama of natural beauty in this place will be interrupted occasionally by downstream mudiknya fishermen who are looking for fish with their small boats. The appeal of this beach further highlight the rock panorama is so amazing as the painting of a master painter is priceless. Two rock cliffs flanking Cape Bloam is indeed very exotic, on the left side will look a cliff-shaped bakpao, and on the right side you will see an irregular rock cliffs jutting into the beach. The color of the rock on a golden yellow cliff with irregular black shades makes it look so contractual and the color of the beach bottom is turning blue. The beauty of Tanjung Bloam is a bit like Tanjung Ringgit beach with natural texture surrounded by rocky hill. For spot spot hunters, Tanjung Bloam beach is a great place to cruise. Browse the coastal shores and find a great spot with amazing angles to capture with camera shots. The beauty of the beach with other natural nuances will more and more you see if a little trying to climb to the top of the rock. From this angle you will see a stretch of beach that is so fascinating. Taking pictures with a cliff and rock backdrop on the beach of Tanjung Bloam will be a memory that is hard to forget. The waves at Tanjung Bloam beach are classified as a slightly bigger wave category. If you do not want to drift the flow, you should just relax on the coast while enjoying the beauty surrounding. Tanjung Bloam beach is located in Jerowaru area, East Lombok regency. If in travel from the city of Mataram, will spend about 2.5 hours journey. If you have been to Tanjung Ringgit, it will not be too hard to find this amazing spot. Before reaching Tanjung Ringgit, turn right to the right in a small street that is about the size of a car. 500 meters from the corner you will find a mini pendopo that indicates that you have reached the cape area Bloam. Road segment that is still a dirt road, dusty and also gravel makes Tanjung Bloam beach is like far from the reach of the tourists. During the trip to the beach, a slightly barren landscape will color your journey, especially during the dry season. So, for those of you who want to explore this region, you should choose the Hotel in the vicinity of Mataram then morning you can start your memorable trip to Tanjung Bloam. Some of our recommended hotels in Mataram City include: Hotel Santika Mataram, Lombok Garden Hotel, Grand Legi Hotel and Lombok Plaza Hotel.


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