Tampaksiring Journey Tour

It takes a different atmosphere like a tour in addition to the beach in Bali, then Tampaksiring Journey provides a quite interesting option for those of you who want to enjoy the cool nature with its green nature glow including a number of interesting places designed for those who like selfie photos. Indeed there are only ideas or ideas of the perpetrators of the tour, so that those who visit Bali does not feel saturated, let alone many local residents who love to enjoy the new things to fill vacation time or weekend. Tampaksiring Journey can be considered quite new, because this place just opened in 2016, so now this natural attractions are quite hits, instagramable and trend among young people, teenagers and even adults. You are saturated with the hustle and bustle of the city, noisy with the crowd, it helps you to relax for a moment, feel the natural atmosphere is different, peaceful, quiet, comfortable and beautiful where you can feel refreshed more leverage. Including also relaxing with your children teach them closer and love nature. The location of the tourist attraction Tampaksiring Journey is located in Melati street, Manukaya village, Tampaksiring district, Gianyar regency of Bali. The distance from Tirta Empul Tampak Siring temple is about 3.7 km, from Ubud 17 km while the distance from the airport is 57 km, if you schedule the tour in full day then the tour package direction to Tampaksiring Journey is Batubulan, Ubud, Tirta Empul and also Kintamani. Its location is strategic and accessible, so it’s a shame if you miss it. Entrance ticket Tampaksiring Journey in Gianyar Bali Rp 10.000 / orang, the price is very affordable and even then the entrance ticket you can exchange with a glass of welcome drink with various variants. Cheap enough not, especially later you will be able to enjoy various things, natural tour packages offered is suitable to relax to find the tranquility and also ideal for selfie photos, not only Tampaksiring Journey offers for adventure tours are usually in demand by foreign tourists. Tours at Tampaksiring Journey are provided many places for selfie photos such as, paths decorated by colorful banners, bamboo boats equipped with cushions for relaxing, beach chairs, bamboo houses that are well designed unique and interesting that became a special icon in this place other than that at the entrance there are ontel bikes following masks and also hat made of bamboo can be used by visitors to just a photo selfie. In addition to the free one is included in one ticket, there is also an adventure tour at Tampaksiring Journey with additional costs such as bicycle tours (cycling tour) enjoy the beautiful nature of the countryside and rice fields, treking to visit the nearby villages know more closely local culture and follow the activities of farmers like to learn to plow the fields with cows, travel about 12 km with a duration of 3 km. But if you do not want to spend more, just relax at the Tampaksiring Journey witness the beauty of the surrounding while relaxing. Other facilities provided at Tampaksiring Journey, there are swings, ancient seats, gazebos and also restaurants with a number of local food menu with affordable prices and cheaper. Provided also free wifi access, so you who are relaxing can freely update your experience here. And at the same time indirectly participate in promoting this place. This place is open from 09.00 – 21.00 wita Of course many ways you can use to get to this place, because the access is quite easy and the road is good. If you want cheaper rent a motorcycle or car rental in Bali. But more recommended you rent a car plus driver, because the driver we provide has experienced tourist maps in Bali, so that can arrange your tour better and maximum.


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