Tamblangan Hill

The latest Bukit Tamblang in Pangyangan Village, Pekutatan District is a concern because the panorama of its natural beauty is combined with a cattle breeding place under the Balinese Superior Cow Breeding Center (BPTU) Bali Cow Bali Province. Head of Tourism and Culture Jembrana Nengah Alit said, the natural beauty of Bukit Tamblang in addition to offering natural charm, there are hundreds of cattle owned BPTU released on a very wide hilly meadow. “If later managed, can surpass other tourist attraction,” said Nengah Alit. Potential that can be developed is a spot for photos with backgrounds of hills and sea that can be viewed from the height of the hill, agrotourism and educational tours. “So, not only offers a place for recreation but also for education,” he said. It has coordinated with Bali Cow BPTU Bali Cattle about the management of these attractions if later used as a place of tourism. Regulations and facilities will be provided by the government to support as a tourist attraction. Once there is certainty about the management, the government will provide regulation of facilities will then be left to the community to be managed and developed. Principally, continued Alit, tourism development remains on the concept of community-based tourism. The developed tourism object is prioritized in order for the surrounding community to have a positive economic impac.


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