Tamba Waras Temple

This time I will share about my experience of melukat in Pura Tamba Waras. Right on the day Banyupinaruh rahman after Saraswati feast, where melukat in Pura Tamba Waras located in Sengketan Village Penebel District Tabanan Bali is very busy visited by pemedek or Hindu to melukat. The road is quite narrow so you want to plan to melukat in Pura Tamba Waras to be careful when passing. Place of Pura Tamba Waras trawling has 7 pieces of water pancoran or called by pengempon Pura Pancoran Sapta Gangga. Lately, the temple of Pura Tamba Waras has been increasingly visited since it opened in November 2016. This I prove myself when I arrived at the parking area of ​​the temple, then I looked down the correct queue of queue queue almost reaching 40 meters. Info that I get Pura Tamba Waras trekking has been crowded from 7 am and right on noon at 1 noon is getting quiet and hot and time to rest for pengempon pelukatan temple but when I will return at 3 pm, start again many pemedek that come to melukat. As for some things that my mother prepared to do trawling at Pura Tamba Waras that is 2 pieces of pegati which will be placed in place of pelukatan and praying moment in Pura Tamba Waras after melukat and some canang sari or ceper to be served in some pelinggih and 7 water pancoran. In addition you must prepare the klungah or coconut yellow and green bungkak or coconut as much as 1 person 1 fruit. This coconut can you prepare directly from the house or around the road to the temple area of ​​many residents who sell for 5 thousand, even in the temple parking area there is also a sell only parking area located in the western you may have to rotate to the parking area from common parking area. Arriving in the parking area, you have to walk down to get to the quiet place just because it only needs to go down a bit. Next you can prepare the trainers and some cymbals to be placed on the place of melukat as well as submit the yellow clam or coconut to the spot where the melukat. To the east of pelinggih melukat, here usually pemedek who will melukat must do praying first for mepekeling will do the trespassing. After the prayer you can continue to queue the turn to the water pancoran with the condition of removing the footwear or sandals, you can remove the clothes or wear them. At that time I was almost an hour waiting queue for turn to melukat in pancoran. When pemedek do pengelukatan will be accompanied by some stakeholders or pengempon pengelukatan. As for some things suggested by the pengempon that is when melukat under the pancoran basuhlah face and head by covering the water by hand do not immediately flushed your head with water. Steps taken are first gargle 3 times then shoot or drink as much as 3 times and last wash face and head 3 times.


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