Taman Mumbul Temple

Many temples are becoming interesting places in Bali. One that should not be missed is Pura Taman Mumbul Sangeh. This temple becomes a place of Hindu Balinese worship as well as the location of the stopover of tourists who come from various parts of the world. To introduce Balinese culture to the public, Pura Taman Mumbul Sangeh is designed to accompany the existence of Ulun Mumbul Temple. In this Mumbul Park you will encounter a green area, beautiful and beautiful. There is also a fish pond that increasingly add to the view of the temple more beautiful. Visiting the Mumbul Park, you will find two different sections. In the south, there is a large temple. This is Pura Ulun Mumbul. At the front of this temple there is a fish pond that is not very large area. The atmosphere is becoming more beautiful with the expanse of green grass growing on the ground around the temple. In the northern part, you will see a pond that can be spelled like a lake with a very clear water. Trees that appear from a distance further add to the beautiful atmosphere of the pool. In this pond there is also a temple, but smaller is called Pura Taman Mumbul. In order for visitors more freely enjoy the natural beauty in this pond, built short walls that surround the pool area. So that visitors can sit relaxed on the walls. Taman Mumbul Sangeh Temple is very sacred by the people of Sangeh Village because it is used as a procession of Melasti Ceremony. There is Pancoran Solas, which is a stream of water to make a break. To make a break, visitors especially Hindus melalukan prayer first. Pura Taman Mumbul Sangeh 3 1024×1024 »Pura Taman Mumbul Sangeh, Pura Places With Unique Architecture Then just go to the pancoran area where to make a decision. This initiation begins from Pancoran Dewi Gangga, then Dewi Saraswati onwards and ends at pancoran Dewa Siwa which is totally altogether there are eleven pancoran. Because there are 11 sacred pancoran so called by the name of Pancoran Solas. Nine pancoran is Dewata Nawa Sanga, and the second one is Pancoran Dewi Gangga and Dewi Saraswati. Pura Taman Mumbul Sangeh 2 819×1024 »Taman Mumbul Sangeh Temple, Pura Tempat Melukat with Unique Architecture. Beginning with Pancoran Dewi Gangga in order to neutralize the negative influence and energy balancing. Because Dewi Gangga is believed as a counterweight. If you seek the silent atmosphere and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a visit to Mumbul Park can be an alternative choice of tourism. Its location is far from the highway and natural beauty that there is very suitable to be a good photo hunting place in Bali. Entrance to Taman Mumbul area is free of charge. The location is also quite close to Tanah Wuk which is a favorite location hunting photos selfie. Therefore, after visiting the Mumbul Park stop also to Tanah Wuk, yes. Mumbul Park you can visit about 1 kilometer from Nature Tourism Sangeh. Exactly located in the tourist area of ​​Sangeh Village, Badung regency, Bali. If departing from Denpasar, you can reach it within about 60 minutes of travel. Not too difficult, and you can also go to some of the proper tours around this Mange Pura Taman Sangeh.


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