Tabanan Butterfly Garden

Last week traveling again to one of the Butterfly Park butterfly Park objects in Bali tabanan there was also a captivity about various types of butterflies made as a tourist attraction so we can come visit and see the beautiful butterfly that is now very rare in see. Butterfly Park Bali Butterfly Park Tabanan is one of the tourist attraction in Tabanan regency Bali and is the largest preservation and breeding ground but only in Bali but in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. This tourist attraction is also made as a place of education and research. if all this time we can only see butterflies in the wild or in the picture, in this place we can touch it but of course there must be permission officer yes, given the butterfly is a rare butterfly type for example butterfly barong. We are also given time to take pictures with his butterflies, other animals that exist like scorpions, mantis, beetles are also here For those of you who are still studying, students this place is very rekomended for your education and research. There are thousands of butterflies here of various species and species, as well as the kind of insects that are preserved. butterfly butterfly park butterfly attraction in tabanan is a breeding and butterfly breeding place, if already counted adult this butterfly will be released into the wild, steady times it. Background Butterfly Park Butterfly Garden Butterfly Park, The beginning of the establishment is Obje Butterfly Park Butterfly Park Tabanan tour started from the holding of the International Butterfly Conference in Ujung Pandang city on 23-27 August 1993 from the Ministry Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. This conference is followed by the experts of butterflies from outside and within the country, and discuss about the wealth, diversity of butterflies in Indonesia and discuss how the management and utilization efforts in bagik as well as trying to introduce natural butterfly garden that is in Bantimurung area of ​​South Sulawesi to the world of tourism in order to be an example for the establishment of a butter park in other places. Well after the conference ended, some participants in the country including from the PT Ikas Amboina try to gather and discuss the points of the meeting, the preservation and utilization of butterflies that can be included in tourism activities, They try to create a replica of a butterfly garden natural cousins ​​like those in the Bantimurung area of ​​south sulawesi and looking for ways to keep preserving and utilizing butterflies on an ongoing basis. After three months of organizing a conference in Ujung Pandang dated 28 November 1993, then PT Butterfly Garden Lestari was established as a manager and founder of a butterfly garden named Bali Butterfly Park in Tabanan Bali today. After obtaining the permit from the central government, on 17th of december 1996 the Balinese butterfly garden was designated as one of the natural and educational tourism objects, the construction reaches 3 years, the object was inaugurated by Ibu Asiawati Oka (head of PKK team of Bali province).


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