Suwehan Beach

In Bali there are still many hidden beaches that are rarely in tourists, one of them is Suwehan Nusa Penida Beach. Kealamiwn monitor is still awake and its beauty is not inferior to the popular beaches in Bali. Suwehan Beach Nusa Penida is perfect place to refreshing. The place is rarely dikunjunhi tourists is very lenggang so you can enjoy like a private beach. And certainly very suitable for those who like adventure. This hidden place does not yet have adequate road access. The road is rocky and must go through the cliff to get to the location. So, do not forget to maintain the stamina before adventuring towards Suwehan Beach. Watch Suwehan is located in the southeast part of Bali, Nusa Penida. More precisely in the hamlet Watas, Village Tanglad, Nusa Penida, Bali. Before reaching Suwehan Beach, you first pass through canfi bentar and some neatly arranged stairs. In addition to the temple, you will find Pura Puseh and its location just above Suwehan Beach. Then proceed to the spring. This spring is very sacred by the local people. So you must comply with the rules that have been written in the spring water. Once through the fountain, you will go through the path, past the cliff and walk beside the teping and ravine, and through the forest and bushes. Make sure also your body is in a fit condition during the holidays here. You must be extra careful because the road is steep and without security. However, upon reaching the beach Suwehan Nusa Penida your sweat will be rewarded with this unspoiled nature keindhaan this. Suwehan Beach has a natural icon that is characteristic, ie a large rock resembles a triangular shape. Tourists often compare it with pipi island, Thailand because they both have a triangular-shaped stone icon. By local people, baty tereebut named rock jineng. In addition, many tourists call it volcom, because the stone is meruppress brand volcom. The white sandy Suwehan beach with its clear blue sea. All around it is decorated with tall and green cliffs. There are many activities you can do on this beach like swimming, sunbathing or just relaxing to enjoy nature. For swimming, tourists must monitor the condition of sea water. Because it is very dangerous to swim when the water is swift. In the middle of the sea water has been installed red flags that become the safe boundary to swim. This virgin beach must be immortalized by taking pictures. And it is mandatory for those of you who visit bring food or drink because you will not find a shop or stall on location or along the way. The best time to visit this beach is when the afternoon. With the sky the twilight of natural beauty on the monitor has a romantic atmosphere. Moreover, if you choose to visit this place with a special person. You who wait for the moment in the afternoon can set up a tent around the beach. And the message of the citizens that must be obeyed is all visitors who come must throw the garbage in its place. If you still want to enjoy the natural beauty of all visitors are required to participate in maintaining the environment. And of course you must also obey the rules.


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