Suraberata Beach


Saturated with the city crowd and want to enjoy the beautiful beaches that will make your mind more fresh again, then try to visit the beach Suraberata in Tabanan Bali. Providing beautiful and natural landscape, giving peace to every visitor. Suraberata beach can be included in the list of one tourist attraction in Bali that is worth visiting.
Plan to arrange the tour agenda in Bali and want to see the tourist attractions are rarely visited and presenting the beauty and maximum tranquility, then for that Suraberata beach is able to provide the answer. This beach is so interesting, the expanse of black sand looks beautiful glittering in the sun, the waves pounding to accompany your relaxing time, with the beautiful blue sea.

From the direction of Kuta tourist attraction to the beach Suraberata, takes about 1.5 hours drive by car, while from the city of Tabanan is 30 km, you can ride public transportation, or rent a car in Bali along with the driver. This beach is located in the village of Lalanglinggah, Kec. Selemadeg, Tabanan District. The coast is full of calm and serenity, still natural and not so touchable people.
Suraberata beach attractions are able to calm your mind that began to get bored with the city crowd. A number of activities you can do to relax on the beach while enjoying the fresh sea breeze and capture beautiful sea scenery, walk, swim, waves are also big enough ideal for surfing and in the afternoon witnessed a charming sunset treat.
Want to feel the maximum privacy, unlike in Kuta, Tanjung Benoa or Sanur, then the beach Suraberta able to provide comfort and sense of privacy, because tourist attractions in Bali is rarely visited by tourists. But this place began to be visited by foreigners, both for surfing and for solitude.

As a place that attracted tourists, this area provides accommodation, restaurant, parking area and also food and beverage stalls. If you travel to Suraberata beach in Tabanan, a number of other attractions in Bali are on one trip you can enjoy, such as Soka beach, rice terraces in Antap and Antosari.
Arrange your tour in Bali now, input Suraberata beach on your travel agenda. We Bali Tours Club is ready to arrange your tour trip, be it car rental or tour package we have packed. We also provide a number of recreational tickets such as camel safari, submarine Odyssey, cruise, trekking and also fast boat to Gili and Lombok.


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