CULTURE LOMBOK – Traveling to various regions in Indonesia is something fun. The existence of diverse cultural customs, and also its charming natural beauty make Indonesia become one of the attractive tourist destinations, both for foreign tourists and domestic. The area that stretches from Sabang to Merauke has various types of cultural and customary properties, one of which is on Lombok island with various ethnic, custom and traditions.

Bayan tribe one of them. This tribe became one of the tribes that are quite popular there. Why? Of course, because they have cultures and customs that are still very applied and well preserved by the people. Although still based on the culture and customs, but they remain open to the progress of the era including for various types of products today, such as the use of mobile phones, digital cameras and other technologies. This uniqueness makes the Bayan Tribe well known. Sasak Bayan tribe located in Bayan Village, North Lombok has a very strong custom and culture although they do not close themselves to modern culture. Various types of customs and traditions are still very thick there. One of them is the tradition of engaging in activities with people outside the nuclear family who are specialized in the home area called Berugaq. Berugaq is an open building similar to a gazebo in the home area that is used to perform various activities with people outside the nuclear family. The building is outside the house building but still in the same area. In addition, the tradition of customary clothing is still preserved there, so if we visit Bayan Village and participate in various activities, we must use their customary clothes: headband, songket and songket for men, and for women using kembenserta sarung . Nyirih culture is also still very thick in this tribe.

Basically the Bayan tribe is part of the Sasak Lombok tribe that inhabit the village of Bayan so that customs also thick with Sasak customs, so often called the Sasak Bayan Tribe. One of the things that is quite thick with the life of the people of Bayan Tribe is the existence of noble philosophy in it, namely called “Wetu Telu”. This philosophy is very closely related to the people of Bayan Tribe is because it has existed from the time of King Bayan. What Wetu Telu means is the belief that all kinds of processes of life in the world can not be separated from the three main things that are important, namely “appropriating”, “hugging” and also “mentiuk”, or in Indonesian means to give birth, lay eggs and also seed . Philosophy and belief is still firmly held by the people of the Bayan Tribe there.


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