Sukarare Village

Sukarare Tenun Village Lombok
Not only the beauty of the beach and the stunning scenery, Lombok Island is also famous as one of the best pearl producers in the world. As a support, there are many centers of pearl craftsmen on this paradise island. One of them is Kampong Sekarbela. mataram craft center lombokKampung Sekarbela is administratively located in Kelurahan Karang Pule, Ampenan Subdistrict, Mataram City. About 4 Kilometers from downtown Mataram. In this village there are many jewelry craftsmen from various noble materials. Like Gold, Silver, and Pearl. In their skilled hands, you will see how a pearl is transformed into beautiful jewelry in no time. This profession has been passed down from generation to generation. In this pearl village of Sekarbela you can visit the shops that display the results so pearl craft. Starting from the pearl granules, until the pearls are wrapped in precious metal in the form of jewelry. Such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Certainly you will be satisfied shopping pearl jewelry in this place. You can also get jewelry made from other materials, such as Sapphire or Amethyst Stone. A line of jewelry stores will be found in this region. You can also visit Mataram Craft Center located on Ahmad Dahlan street, Pegangsangan. The price of jewelery in Kampung Mutiara Sekarbela varied, usually depending on the type and weight of the jewelry. There are two types for pearl jewelry. That is the Pearl of the Sea and the Pearl of Freshwater. Sea pearls are usually oval, and are white, gold, black and silver. While Freshwater Pearls are round, with color variants such as white, blue, pink, yellow, and orange. Usually the pearl color of the freshwater type is more varied, because the color is injected from certain materials to the mother of the pearl producing shells. For price issues, Marine Pearls tend to be more expensive than Freshwater Pearls. You can get Marine Pearl with starting price of Rp. 100.000, – up to Rp. 500,000, – per gram. As for Freshwater Pearls, you can get it at a price of Rp. 15,000, – per item. You can also order jewelry to your liking. Both of shape and jewelry. For a simple design, you can wait for the process of making jewelry for 3 days only. But for a relatively complex design, you have to wait for up to 1 week. In addition to eye wash and jewelry shopping, you can also look at the process of making. One of the stores that will receive you is Lombok Pearl Store, located on Jl. Sultan Kaharuddin, Mataram. In the store you can see how the pearls combined with gold, silver, and other metals into a jewelry. The process of making fairly simple. But the quality can be matched with jewelry made in modern. To visit Kampung Mutiara Sekarbela is very easy. You can reach it by private vehicle for 30 minutes from downtown. You can take the route Mataram-Pagesangan-Sekarbela. But if you want to visit Kampung Sekarbela by public transportation, you can only use Cidomo. You can ride Cidomo with majors Mataram-Pagesangan (Rp 2.000, – per person), then continued with Cidomo Pagesangan-Sekarbela with the same tariff. Also mentioned: the price of sea water pearls per gram, pearl lombok indoneisa island, the history of coral reef pule mataram, famous pearl shop in lombok, sekarbela pearl.


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