Place of Statues Makepung Jembrana Bali
If you pass the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway and cross the border between Jembrana and Tabanan, you will see a statue on the left side of the road (if you come from Tabanan area). The statue is called Makepung statue. Makepung statue is located in the district Jembrana, because makepung tradition is the mascot of the district. This statue is precisely located in Yeh Leh Beach is the Village Pengeragoan Village, District Pekutatan, Jembrana, Bali. The word makepung is derived from the Balinese language which means chasing. Makepung or buffalo racing, or foreign term often called this bullrace, is a race consisting of two to three pairs of male buffalo each attracting a small pedati. This Makepung tradition originated from the activities of farmers in ancient times when they transported the harvest from the fields to the house. When leaving for the paddy fields, the unfilled carts of crops will feel lighter pulled by the buffalo couple. This is where the cart driver began to push each other’s buffalo until the convoy was transformed into a pedicab race to the location of the harvest (rice field). Because this is very interesting then post-harvest farmers held a makepung race as well as a form of gratitude to God for karunianya in the form of crops. Then the race is done for generations to become a tradition Makepung in Jembrana District. Makepung statue after painted brown color Because makepung tradition is the mascot of jembrana district, the government of Jembrana district to build makepung statue on the border between Jembrana district with Tabanan regency. This statue tells the story of race buffalo race (makepung) performed by two pairs of buffalo with two jockeys. In this tourist spot Makepung statue you can see the open sea with its natural beaches. This place is very good to be a resting place because not far from the location of the statue stands there is a place to rest with a seat that has been arranged neatly. In addition, in this area also has a large parking area so you do not have to worry about parking problems.


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