For those of you lovers of coastal tourism then of course the coastal areas in the area of ​​South Bali such as Kuta, Tanjung Benoa, Pandawa and Jimbaran familiar to your ears, because the place is presenting the beauty and more accessible from the centers of tourism and airports. But the island of Bali is surrounded by oceans, of course the territorial waters are not limited only to the area of ​​South Bali alone, one of which is Soka beach in Tabanan become one of the important parts of the beautiful beaches in Bali. His name may be a bit unfamiliar to some people, but its beauty can be aligned with other places.

Soka Beach is located in the village of Antap, Kec. Selemadeg, Tabanan – Bali, main roadside Denpasar Gilimanuk, about 44 km west of Denpasar city, while the distance from Ngurah Rai airport about 2 hours drive. The distance is quite far from the airport and the city center makes Soka beach is not so crowded by tourists, besides the tourist route to the area is not too much, so the providers of tour packages in Bali or the guide are reluctant to package tour package to tour Soka beach, except on a pilgrimage tour to the West Bali tourist attraction or diving destination to Menjangan or Pemuteran.
Tabanan District itself has a number of beautiful places that complement the tourist attractions in Bali, some of which are Tanah Lot, Alas Kedaton, Jatiluwih, Beratan Bedugul lake, botanical gardens, Butterfly Park, Angseri hot water, Belulang and hot water Penatahan, including as well as coastal areas such as Balian beach and also Soka, could become a destination in Bali next tour. Soka Beach is strategically located on the main provincial highway can be an ideal resting place for those who travel far from the island of Java to Bali or vice versa because it will pass this place, either by own car or tourism bus. Especially in this area there is a restaurant overlooking the beach Soka, so it is suitable for a rest while enjoying a dish of food.
Soka Tabanan beach attraction is presenting beautiful scenery as well as with natural beauty. This beach facing south presents the landscape of the blue ocean ocean of the Indies that cool the eyes, from a distance on the west side seen hill clusters continued to one with the hills of Mount Batukaru on the north side, while in the East seen Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali looks magnificent towering. Even if the weather is sunny, you can vaguely see the Blambangan region on the island of Java. Especially when the afternoon, sun-drowning bias looks stunning in the horizon look beautiful and spectacular, making it not inferior to the beauty of other beaches. Coastal rocks consisting of coral rocks and chunks of large rocks and black coral, became a special spot for taking pictures.


Many things you can see on the beach Soka Tabanan, although it has black sand but still offers the uniqueness, when the day exposed by the blazing beam, flickering sand in the sun looks beautiful. Next to the East side, on a cliff of rocks there is a cave called the cave Bulung Daya, and this cave is inhabited by thousands of swallows add a natural impression. In Soka beach area there is also a temple perched on a cliff of rock, named Pura Luhur Serijong, the existence of this temple is a special attraction, because from the top of the temple you can see the beauty of the sunset more leverage, impressed like Karang Bolong temple in Tanah Lot. Tourism objects in Bali is also more quiet visitors so you can more freely enjoy the beautiful nature.
The existence of Pura Luhur Serijong is closely related to the spiritual journey of Danghyang Nirartha or by Pedanda Bawu Rauh, in the southern coastal region as well as Rambutsiwi temple and Tanah Lot temple. In addition to the existence of the temple and cave swallow birds, on the beach Soka Tabanan there is a natural rock surrounded by sand and sea water is about 3 meters of rock and is known by the name Payuk Kebo Iwa, payuk (periuk) to cook it is said according to legend that is trusted by the residents belonged to a young man named Kebo Iwa, the young man was tall and big, because the need for a large and magical meal so use the tool to cook.
On the western side there is also a natural coral rock, its shape is exactly like a traditional Balinese kitchen measuring about 1 m x 20 meters, so that the existence of stoneware and coral-shaped kitchen is believed to belong ancient Kebo Iwa. Various activities you can do during a visit to this beach Soka beach attractions in addition to relaxing to enjoy the sea views and natural coral cliffs including sunset treats, you can do fishing activities or can be rent a fishing boat. On the other side of this area, also presents the rice field scenery blends the natural beauty so it is more special. If you want to enjoy the peaceful and beautiful atmosphere of Soka beach, then this area is already available lodging and dining restaurant. Soka beach is also used as a place of ceremony Melasti in Bali, including on Saraswati and Purnama day, Hindu people gathered to perform religious ceremonies in here.

Certain days such as holiday festivals like Galungan this tourist attraction will be more crowded visitors, and while on a typical day this area is more visited by tourists who travel overland from Java to Bali, still dominated by tourists nusantara.Trip to Bali with scheduled trips to Soka beach will be special, because this place is quieter for visitors and the location is easy to access, if you are lovers of beach tourism and agenda tour, some objects located in the same direction is Balian beach, Medewi and Rambutsiwi, so the full day trip it will not be boring. This area has ogoh-ogoh museum, so you are a fan of Balinese art culture especially ogoh-ogoh can see it here. Visiting to Soka beach can by public transportation, but the way is not popular anymore now, citizens are more likely to use private vehicles, but if you are a tourist, can rent a motorbike or rent a car in Bali or even with a driver at once, so the driver can drive travel to a number of other interesting places. Visiting Soka beach can be by public transport, but the way it is not popular anymore now, citizens are more likely to use private vehicles, but if you are a tourist, can rent a motorbike or rent a car in Bali or even with a driver at once, so the driver can direct travel to a number of other interesting places.


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