Smoky Beach

The tourism in Nusa Penida Island nowadays is greatly developed and becomes “the golden egg” of Bali. One of the places that you can visit is Pasih Andus (Smoke Beach) of Nusa Penida. So there are many unique and exotic tourism objects that will spoil your vacation in Nusa Penida. There many interesting spots for taking pictures that will amaze you. One of them is a beach with fascinating waves is Pasih Andus (Smoke Beach) of Nusa Penida. Asap Beach is called Pasih Andus of Nusa Penida by the local people. In Balinese language, Pasih Andus of Nusa Penida means a beach with spurting water. Pasih means beach and Andus means the spurting of water. And it is known among the foreign tourists as Smoke Beach. The term smoke beach does not mean that this beach has smoke, but the big waves that hit the cliffs and climb up create smoke-like impression/andus. This natural panorama can be seen by waiting for several moments, then the waves will hit the high cliffs and the splash of sea water will be crashed and spurting into a height of about 10 meters. It is these waves that becomes the uniqueness and attractiveness of Pasih Andus(Smoke Beach) of Nusa Penida. From Pasih Andus (Smoke Beach) of Nusa Penida you can see clearly Nusa Ceningan Island to the east side of this beach. Besides the uniqueness of the waves with their high spurting water, the coral cliffs here are very charming. The cliffs becoming the boundary between the sea and the land form a beautiful basin. Pasih Andus is located in Sompang Hamlet, Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida, Bali. The location of Pasih Andus is close by Pasih Uug and only several meters, about 15 minutes from the tourism object of Pasih Uug and also Angel’s Billabong. The combination view of the sturdy cliffs and the power of sea waves will be unforgettable vacation experience for you. Don’t forget to capture the moments with your camera when the waves are towering high. But you still have to be careful since the splash of the crashed waves can exceed your height!


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