Siyut Beach



Not only the white sandy beaches that present the beauty for the tourists in Bali, but the sandy beach hitampun like Siyut beach in Gianyar Bali, presents the beauty. Siyut Beach has a calm nature, more quiet visitors especially compared to Kuta or Tanjung Benoa. The existence of Siyut beach enough to give you the choice, so if you need a special atmosphere to be alone and want to find a positive inspiration then come here.
The calming beauty of the mind for each visitor is used by some residents chatting with the family or with the beloved. If you have a tour agenda to visit the beautiful beaches in Bali, try to visit the beach of Siyut, in addition to join the tour package you can use car rental services in Bali and visit other tourist attractions.

Almost all the beaches of Bali have their own charms and the uniqueness, entering the coast of Siyut, the expanse of black sand beaches welcomes your arrival, the shimmering color of the crystal tub when exposed to the sun, the beauty of its marine nature and the waves blend into an amazing real natural painting, plus yet another verdant rice field creates beautiful harmony and deserves to be enshrined.
Silence and tranquility are more pronounced because the houses are located about 100 meters away from the beach. A number of these privileges become the attraction of occupying and worthy of being one tourist attraction in Bali. The cleanliness of the beach is maintained by self-help by residents near the coast. Siyut quite rarely visited by tourists, except the surfers who want to try out the waves, but now is the time you try to enjoy a beautiful and quiet beach treats in Bali. The atmosphere of the morning is not less interesting, the beauty of the rising sun to be spectacular treats, you should see while feeling the fresh air of sea far from pollution. Activities during the day a number of residents look cool fishing, while watching the natural beauty of the sea, fishing boats also seen lean dipesisirnya, indicating local residents work as many fishermen as well as farmers.

What are the activities of citizens taupun tourists who visit the beach attractions Siyut? in addition to surfing and fishing, it certainly can as a place to relax looking for peace of mind and let go of fatigue, strolling along the beauty along the beach and sunbathing. The fishermen also used to sail and also catch fish, it is said that the fish along this coast from Kusamba waters to Tulamben Karangasem regency was very tasty.
If you want to travel to Siyut Beach, come in the afternoon or morning to witness the beauty of sunrise, tinge of golden yellow color with gradation of blue sea water will look beautiful awesome, you can come visit during the day if you want to sunbathe feel the sun , because of the limited shelter on this beach, then to visit with children here is more advisable not during the day.
Siyut Beach is also used by residents as a place for religious ceremonies such as ceremonial procession Ngaben and Melarung Bumi. There is also a pelinggih (small temple) on the shore of Siyut, where worshipers plead for salvation. A number of residents also utilize sand beaches to plant the body in the sand as a therapeutic treatment to cure a number of diseases ..


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