Singsing Waterfall

Explore Sing Sing Waterfall
Sufficient supplies are included in backpacks and drinks. Wearing a car or motorcycle is equally fun, but the motor has more ability to venture deep into the depths. Do not forget to bring a camera to record the scenery and the trip to the Sing Sing waterfall, Tabanan begins. Sing Sing waterfall is located in the village of Belimbing, Tabanan. Travel time approximately 1.5 hours drive from Denpasar direction. Although the journey through the highway, but we are required to be extra careful, the road is quite crowded by trucks and large buses between cities carrying passengers or building materials. Some accidents often occur due to negligence of drivers or uneven road load effects of large vehicles. When we choose turn right at the intersection of Bajera Village towards Antosari street, Pupuan, the streets tend to be quiet because most big vehicles will turn left towards Gilimanuk. Along the way there are houses adjacent to the rice field terraces. Similar to Jatiluwih which is well known and protected UNESCO, it’s just not as big land there. But enough to spoil the eyes that have been cramped with views of concrete and motor vehicles in South Bali. From the turns, we need to be patient about 30 minutes while paying attention to the big bill of ecotourism promotion in Belimbing Village, Tabanan which presents some trekking options to nature. One of them is two waterfall Singsing, there are above and below. We headed to Singsing waterfall downstairs with entrance which is next to Pasar Belimbing Village. This market is on the left side of the road from Denpasar, right in front of Pura Luhur Mekori surrounded by big trees, as well as some monkeys that roam freely in the streets. Access is a dirt road that can be passed by one car, so if passing, have to look for a rather roomy land to pull over. But if using the motor, it will be very easy to enter and park the vehicle between the garden residents. About 15 minutes into the dirt road, we slowly check the right side of the road, there are some derivatives that are essentially from the ground. Or there is a road on the right before the rice fields, we can park the vehicle and start trekking down. Throughout the eyes there are terracing rice fields, According to Ketut Mudiarta, villagers who live there, we need to go down about 500 meters in the dirt road, along the rice fields and walk following the small river between them, can only find this waterfall. It’s location is a bit hidden, so not many people come there. But when it is close to the location, there are steps made in 2012 for access. The waterfall is not too big, surrounded by cliffs and bamboo forests. Not far from there are rice terraces and balebengong that can be used to relax. If you first go there without a guide, it seems to be confused, do not hesitate to ask the people around, they will help if not busy. I was right last week there, tp canceled when arrived at the starfruit market (mekori temple) for fear of walking his foot away considering I invite your new 3 years old.


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