Semeti Beach

Two days ago, I read the news in one of the National media that the beaches of Lombok include the most beautiful beach topten in the world. In the list published by Lonely Planet, the beaches of Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara, are equated with the beautiful beaches of the Hawaiian Islands, Eleuthera beaches in the Bahamas and Caribbean islands. reading the news did not surprise me. yes it is lombok. island with a million beaches. walking the beach in Lombok is like drinking water when thirsty. the more sea water drunk, the more thirsty we feel. as well as Lombok. the more beaches I visit, the more thirsty I am to visit the other beaches. That’s not enough. today on October 18, 2013, I also read news from one of the other National Media who reported that the island of Lombok is included in the five best islands in Asia. The beauty of Lombok and Bali is recognized as one of the best islands in Asia. this is evidenced by CN Traveler readers. among the five islands, two from Indonesia. Bali remains the best prima donna beating Phuket and Koh Samui, Thailand. Lombok can always shadow the beauty of Bali Island. Semeti from the top of the rock including one of the beautiful beaches in Lombok is Semeti Beach. Semeti Beach is adjacent to Mawi Beach, Central Lombok. the road to Semeti beach is no better than the Mawi Beach road. no residents near this Beach. quiet and still virgin. so my motor approaches the shore of Semeti. I saw some fishermen sleeping in the only Gazebo on this beach. Semeti coastal wind breeze is increasingly making the fishermen sleep soundly. accompanied by flying birds. I just want to see the beautiful panorama of lonely beach Semeti. if the Mawi beach is full of surfers. then Semeti is full of silence. Some of the fishermen I know came from the Kuta area. so true this beach is really quiet. only me who enjoy the beauty of the beach. the heat of the sun does not diminish the foot to set foot on the rocks Mawi beach. I jejalahi this beach itself. I explored the sturdy rocks. I want to conquer the robustness. behind the sturdiness is stored beautiful panorama. beautiful panorama of Semeti rocks. panoramic aquariums-a great natural aquarium. the aquariums really fascinated me. these aquariums are on top of rock solid semeti. Natural aquarium filled with coral reefs with small fish that always accompany him. so big waves come. then the aquariums are full of sea water. then the seawater out through the apertures of the natural aquarium. the little fish was scattered mixed with waves foam. as soon as the foams disappeared, there were small fish swimming in the Natural Aquarium. This aquarium is the largest size, most irregular shape. when my footsteps approaching. at that time also-also small fish running around hiding behind coral reefs and marine biota. just a round fish with a body full of thorns that can not hide. when I want to hold even he can not stay away. next to the aquarium, there is a natural aquarium that is smaller size maybe even the smallest among the others. the fish were hard to find a hiding place. I can take pictures of small fish swimming in this natural aquarium. besides, there is a better aquarium shape. the shape is round like a beam. in which there are stones that have been greened by the moss-moss. lots of small fish in it. when I approach, the little fish hiding behind the green stones that have been smeared with moss. every once in a while I can steal looking at the little fish. I am here alone looking at the waves that come to meet the natural aquariums. listening to the roar of the waves. no one here. just me alone here. I just want to admire the aquariums. behind this all, there must be a person responsible for feeding these small fish. he is the one God who preserves all the marine biota on this rock. I keep stepping foot, looking for other beauties on the rocks this semeti. I look for perhaps other natural aquariums, more beautiful than the Creator. right, as I thought, my footsteps getting faster when I saw another aquarium. from a distance the natural aquarium was brighter. coral reefs are more colorful. the aquarium is between two large rocks. really ciamik create this God. aquarium beauty is stored in my portrait. unfortunately, portrait tools can not record what kind of beauty I witnessed. behind the beauty of natural aquariums, there are rocks semeti the more beautify the aquariums. by the mother.


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