Sembalun Village

Sembalun Sub-district is one of sub-districts in East Lombok Regency with 217,08 Km2, consist of 6 villages, Sembalun Bumbung Village, Sembalun Lawang Village, Sajang Village, Bilok Petung Village, Sembalun Village and Sembalun Timba Gading Village. Geographically Subdistrict Sembalun in the north bordering District of Sambelia, in the south bordering Aikmel and Pringgasela, to the west with West Lombok regency while in the east bordering District Pringgabaya. The capital of Sembalun District is located in Sembalun Lawang Village, which is about 45 km from the capital of East Lombok regency (Selong). Sembalun Bumbung village has the widest area of ​​57.97 Km2 or about 26.70% of the total area of ​​Sembalun District, and the smallest is Sembalun Timba Gading Village with an area of ​​15.76 Km2. The villages in Sembalun District have varying heights between 800 and 1,200 meters above sea level. The distance from each village to the subdistrict capital is relatively close, the most distant distance is from Sajang Village and Bilok Petung village which reaches 6 km and 15 km. While the closest distance to the capital district is Sembalun Village is 0.025 km (25 m), because the district office is in the dasa. The population of Sembalun District in the mid of 2012 reaches 19,051 people. The number of female population is more that is 9,861 people, while the male population is 9,190 inhabitants. Sembalun Lawang is a small village located on the north foot of Mount Rinjani. Beautiful small village at an altitude of approximately 155 m is presenting a beautiful natural scenery as well as one of the popular starting point point of climbing to Mount Rinjani (3726 m above sea level). In addition to Sembalun Lawang Village, Senaru Village is another gateway to reach the splendor of Mount Rinjani located on the island of Lombok West Nusa Tenggara. The cool Sembalun Lawang village is a favorite as a starting point for climbing as it makes the climbers save energy and time to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani. On the way to this village for approximately 4 hours from Mataram, you will be presented with scenic green scenery set against the majestic Mount Rinjani. Travel from the city of Mataram to Sembalun through winding asphalt roads, forests, agricultural fields, and even Gili Trawangan sea reserves from a distance. Farm fields are laid out nicely, planted with level vegetables. The rustic feel of the countryside is felt especially when seeing farmers doing their activities in a traditional way. Arriving in the village of Sembalun, other natural scenery is waiting to be admired. In addition to the green by the trees and mountain vegetation, the village is almost surrounded by magnificent stone cliffs whose slope barely reaches 90 degrees. This stone wall is the result of freezing material eruption or lava that spewed Mount Rinjani hundreds of years ago. In some parts, looks moss and grass coating the rock adds charm to her beauty. Fresh mountain air will fill your lungs. Really nuance and exotic tropical landscape and memorable For those of you who like to ride the mountain, the closing of Mount Rinjani is quite upset. Especially my hobby really up and down the mountain. Hehe. But calmly, even though Mount Rinjani is closed, there is a clone of loeh, which is no less exotic, even according to other friends, it is far more beautiful than being in Rinjani Peak. Pergasingan Hills, right in Sembalun Village, East Lombok, with an altitude of 1700s above sea level, offers an alternative solution for those of you who want to ride the mountain when Rinjani is closed. Climb for approximately 3 hours you can enjoy the amazing panorama of Sembalun Village with Rinjani Peak as its background. The quarrel comes from the origin of the word Gasing, is a traditional game object that is played by a rope called (sembalun: Alit), because it is believed by the Sembalun community that in ancient times the famous figures of the time liked to race to top the top of this flat mountain . This activity they routinely do as a sporting event or the intelligence of playing air between them. For those who want to spend the night camping in this hill of pertgasingan, tracking equipment should still be prepared. Likewise with adequate logistics. Trail climbing can not be considered trivial because at some point we will see a slope of approximately 65 degrees. 3 hours of climbing will be very tiring but it is also worth the scenery that is served well on the way up until you are at the top. This house is the first house and the oldest in the village sembalun.makanya called BUCK DESA, which means is the Great Village karna first in Sembalun. This house consists of 7 (seven) pieces with 7 (seven) stairs into, and place the objects or other charcoal such as cooking utensils and clothes basket called PARA also amounted to 7 (seven) is available only two rooms, namely bedroom and room where agricultural equipment. And there are two small houses that serve to store agricultural produce such as rice and corn or others are called GELENG or LUMBUNG .. and still there is a story about the village belek. Waterfall mangku sakti is the only waterfall that flows directly from Rinjani mountain in East Lombok, precisely in the village sajang sembalun not yet known by the residents lombok sendiri.Air waterfall is still very natural to be one of the reasons we lift the tourist attraction so that more familiar to the local, national and international community. So also with the local government to pay more attention to the access road to the Mangku Sakti Waterfall along with the facilities and prasarananya so that visitors can be more comfortable and safe.


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