Selong belanak Beach

Selong Belanak Beach, Hidden Jewel of Lombok
Selong Belanak beach is the most admired beach by foreign tourists, in the European holiday season like June, July and August this beach is very crowded visited by tourists from abroad, even if you come in those months, you will feel strange because a little once the number of local tourists visiting this beach, not due to difficult road access or facilities but limited information and promotion that make this beach is not too famous than other beaches in Lombok. But this beach actually save the extraordinary beauty and of course many activities that can be done so as to attract foreign tourists to visit. The beach is located in a village called Selong Belanak Village, West Praya Subdistrict, Central Lombok Regency about 30 minutes drive from Lombok International Airport and still one lane with Kuta beach or Seger Beach which is also not less beautiful. If you stay in the vicinity of Mataram or Senggigi you will spend 1.5 hours to arrive, the route that can be taken is the airport lane. There is no public transportation to reach this beach, you must use travel services and usually this beach including option in sasak tour package. But if you decide to come alone you can take advantage of GPS applications on your personal smartphone or maps provided free magazines of Lombok tourism You can check the map Lombok disedaikan by Lombok Guide. Things Can Be Done At Pantai Selong Belanak Central Lombok Central region has so many beautiful beaches with distinctive natural dynamics. Selong Belanak itself has a semi-circular beach tekture, with a very wide beach lips and in wedge by the hills on the north and also south. White sandy beach lips with a width of about 10 meters and a length of about 1 kilo meters, the waves are quite calm and the sea is shallow so this beach is mostly used as a place to learn to surf from all ages ranging from small children to adults. Even the locals provide surf board rental facilities as well as surfing lessons. Many foreign tourists call Selong Belanak Beach like Hawaii beach because of its natural tekture and also the style of stalls on the edge of the beach that is still very traditional using the weeds and also bamboo, you will not see a permanent building here. Weather trick on the beach is quite stinging, but if you sit in the small stalls will feel so shady, while enjoying fresh coconut and the music of the beach, maybe that’s why they supposing it with Hawaii. To further enjoy you can also relax under the umbrella that has provided a lazy chair provided by the owners of stalls in front of the beach. Many visitors enjoy the beauty of this beach from under the umbrella while reading a book or sunbathing. While on the edge of the beach is a children’s area to play sand, and also swim. Another option that can be done on this beach is snorkeling, the sea is calm blue and kehijaun and underwater nature is still awake of course will make you will enjoy it more with bersnorkling, but no rental equipment snorkeling so you must bring your own. At the southern end of the mullet beach there is a local resident of about 40 heads of household whose livelihood is fishermen, for those who like fishing they can hire small boats and accompany guides to be able to sanction in spots around this coastal area.


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